Swachhata Hi Seva SHS illustrative Activities

Swachhata Hi Seva SHS illustrative Activities

ANNEXURE A : List of Illustrative Activities

As a part of the SHS Campaign, the activities that citizens may undertake are as follows:

Toilet pit-digging exercise and other toiler construction activities

Organize cleaning of streets, drains and back alleys through awareness drives

Organize waste collection drives in households and common or shared spaces

Conduct Door-to-Door meeting to drive behaviour change with respect to sanitation behaviours

Organize awareness campaigns around better sanitation practices like using a toilet, hand washing, health and hygiene awareness, etc.

Perform Swachhata related Nukkad Nataks/ street plays, folk song and dance performances

Conduct Village or School-level Rallies to generate awareness about sanitation

Make wall paintings in public places on the theme of swachhata

Volunteer for segregation of solid waste into non-biodegradable and biodegradable waste

Mobilize community to build compost pits, where organic matter decomposes to form manure

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