Upgrade LDC to UDC – Standing Committee Meeting Point

Minutes of Standing Committee Meeting

Upgrade LDC to UDC

S. No. 31 – Abolish and upgrade all posts of Lower Division Clerks (LDCs) to Upper Division Clerks(UDCs)

Staff-Side stated that as the LDC cadre is losing its relevance, the posts may be upgraded to UDC.
JS(E) stated that this may not be possible without fully understanding the implications in each department. It was stated that it would be appropriate that the posts may be allowed to continue till such time their requirement is felt. Reacting to the comment made by the Official-Side, the Staff-Side pointed out that prima facie, on introduction of computerized functioning in almost all departments, the functions assigned to LDCs have become redundant. What is required is to get the report from each department and take a conscious decision, as LDC is a common category.

JS(Admn. and JCA) stated that as the meeting had already gone on for more than three hours, the new agenda items may be taken up for discussion in the next meetings. It was stated that the comments received on the agenda items would be circulated to the Staff Side. Comments on the remaining items which were not included in the agenda would also be called for from the administrative departments and will be circulated to the Staff Side on receipt. The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

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