What is Reservation Policy and how it is being implemented

Knowing and understanding what is Reservation Policy and how it is being implemented is very important for all Government Servants.

What is Reservation Policy and how it is being implemented

Objectives of Reservation Policy

There is mixed reactions about whether the reservation policy should exist or not ? That is the thing which stops many people to show interest on this subject. But it is necessary for both sides to understand the Reservation policy and how it is implemented in Government Institutions and Departments. So that we can ensure that no one is aggrieved by the incorrect or non implementation of Reservation policy

The Objective of providing reservations to the Scheduled Castes(SCs), Scheduled Tribes (STs) and Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in services is not only to give jobs to some persons belonging to these communities. It basically aims at empowering them and ensuring their participation in the decision making process of the State. Government has the primary responsibility for implementing and enforcing laws, including constitutional rights.

Understanding Reservation Policy and its Provisions

Understanding Reservation Policy is made easy through following Topics .

S.NoImportant Topic in ReservationClick to Read
1Reservation for SC/ST and OBC in Government ServicesClick to Read
2Reservation Percentage for SC /ST and OBC in Central Government JobsClick to Read
3Reservation for SC/ST and OBC in Govt Jobs is not against the ConstitutionClick to Read
4Percentage of Reservation for SC/ST and OBC in Recruitment for a Locality or RegionClick to Read
5Vertical Reservation and Horizontal Reservation in AppointmentClick to Read
6Extended Zone of consideration for SC / ST in PromotionClick to Read
7Percentage of Reservation for SC/ST, OBC in States for Central Govt JobsClick to Read
8Constitutional Provisions Under Article 16 (4) for Reservation for SC/ST and OBCClick to Read
9Who would be SC and ST as per the Provision of our Constitution?Click to Read
10Creamy layer principle does not apply to SCs/STs says a NCSC studyClick to Read
11Why National SC/ST Commission formed?Click to Read
12Chairman and Members of 4th National Commission for SCClick to Read
13Background of National Commission for ST (Scheduled Tribe)Click to Read
14List of State SC Commission set up by State GovernmentClick to Read
15Address of the State SC Offices of National Commission for Scheduled CastesClick to Read
16Very Important DOPT Order regarding Reservation in PromotionClick to Read
17Policy of Reservation to SCs, STs and OBCs – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)Click to Read
18BROCHURE on Reservation For SC, ST & Other Backward Classes In ServicesClick to Read
19Reservation in Promotion to SC/ST in Government Service-The Constitution (One Hundred and Seventeenth Amendment) Bill, 2012Click to Read
20Very Important DOPT Order regarding Reservation in PromotionClick to Read

Click to Read all Reservation Related Orders

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