MCM Grade Pay Rs.4200(in MOD) is approved by Ministry of Finance

MCM Grade Pay

INDWF sources revealed that the proposal submitted by MOD on the approval of Fast Track Committee to create Four grade structure for industrial employees to grant MCM – Grade Pay Rs.4200 has been now approved by Ministry of Finance, (Department of Expenditure) on 22.04.2010.According to the approval the following proposal has been granted.

MCM25% of HS-I and HS-IIRs.4200

Only three grades will be there.  HS-I,HS-II,SKILLED
MCM will not be Hierarchy
Feeder grade for Charge Man will be HS-I
MCM and HS-I Grades and revised Grade pay will be effect from 01-01-2006.
One time relaxation from Trade Test for HS-I w.e.f .01-01-2006
After getting approval from Defence (Finance) necessary orders will be issued by Ministry of Defence by next week.

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  1. welcome to this order,which was most of the about 3500 MCMs are expected to getting their grade. we want to full details of fast track committee report

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