Departmental Competitive Exams only at Lower Level:Why?

All the Members of Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM) from National Council to Unit level, Kindly look into the issues raised by one of our viewers Mr. Bobby .

Mr. Bobby writes:-


You are requested to consider following points:-

1. Why Higher Level (Class 1) Officers are given 5-6 promotions without passing further exams for promotion ? i.e. Under Secretary –>1. Deputy Secretary –>2. Director –>3. Joint Secretary –>4. Additional Secretary –>5. Secretary –>6. Cabinet Secretary; etc.

2. Why Lower Level Officials (other than Class-1 Officers) are restricted to only 01 or 02 promotions without passing further exams for promotion?

3. Why generally LDC has to pass UDC exams and prove oneself to get maximum 03 promotions? LDC-1. UDC (after Exam) -2. Assistant & -3. S.O. (Promotion)

4. Why mostly Assistants have to pass S.O. exams and show skill to get max. 03 promotion? Assistants – 1. S.O.(after Exam) 2.Under Secretary 3. Deputy Secretary (promotion)

5. Why LDC has to pass UDC and S.O. exams and then entitled for max. 04 promotions? LDC-1.UDC (Exam)-2, Assistant (promotion)-3. S.O.(Exam)-4. U.S (Promotion)

6. Why exams at only lower levels for promotion, when most of them are Graduates except Peons?

7. Why not exams for promotion at higher level (Class 1) Officers, when most of the competence, skill, knowledge, responsibility etc. is required at higher levels for policy making, framing rules & regulations, FR & SR, new projects, Court Cases, foreign tours, planning etc. ?

8. Who makes Promotion/Recruitment Rules, Pay Structure etc. for Lower Levels officials (other than Class-1 Officers) in Government of India?

9. Why not at least benefit of 4 Promotions be given to lower levels (other than Class 1 Officers), without passing any further competitive exams for promotion?

10. What is the Government of India planning/doing for conducting competitive exams even for promotion at higher levels (for promotion of Class 1 Officers)?

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3 thoughts on “Departmental Competitive Exams only at Lower Level:Why?”

  1. Please refer to my comments dated 29.06.2010 on departmental examination. I wants to withdraw my views/comments. I am not against any policy adopted by the department or DoPT. It is requested that my comments may please be removed from this site.

  2. Yes this is the matter which requires attention. Why not departmental exams are conducted for promotion from Group C posts to Group C and for Promotion from Group B to Group A. Why there are exams for promotion from LDC to UDC and then to Assistant only. Why not further.

    This needs consideration

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