Fixed Medical Allowance-DOPT Order

DOPT issued an order dated 26th  May 2010, Granting Rs.300/- as Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) to the Central Government Pensioners residing in areas not covered under CGHS.

This issue has been raised in the National Council Meeting and the staff side demanded that Fixed Medical Allowance should to be enhanced up to Rs.600/-.Sources told that the Chairman, National Council on his response to this issue informed the Staff Side that the Ministry of Finance considered to grant Rs.300/-. But the Staff side National Council not agreed with this proposal.

Two weeks after the meeting, now the order has been issued, in which it has been stated that “the demand for enhancement of FMA has been under consideration of the Government for some time past. Sanction of the President is hereby conveyed  for  enhancement of the amount of FMA from Rs.100/- to Rs.300/- per month. The other conditions for grant of FMA shall continue to be in force.”

These orders will take effect from 01.09.2008.

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6 thoughts on “Fixed Medical Allowance-DOPT Order”

  1. Dear Sir, I am getting prorata pension since 1980, there was no provison or no one ask me option to for FMA, Anybody can clarify and confirm as to how I would avail the benefit of FMA.

  2. sir.our med.all. is rs.75/-.can you must be increased to rs.400/- it is very difficult to meet the medical expenditure with this meagre amount.

  3. self central Govt employee (BSF) pensioner opted for FMA and getting Rs 100/ since sanction. will self get enhanced FMA from the date of sanctioned i.e. 01/09/2008? any body please clarify
    K R Tomar

  4. Since these orders will take effect from 01.09.2008,you are eligible to get enhanced FMA

  5. self naval pentioner opted for FMA and getting Rs 100/ snce santion. will self get enhaced FMA from the date of sntion 01/09/2008? any body please clarify

  6. While the Government was thinking to cover all the Central Government employees and Pensioners under the one window of Central Health Scheme, at the same time it is not understood why the Staff Side members of the JCM has reached to an agreement with the Official Side about fixed medical allowance of Rs300/-. I do not know how this meagre amount of Rs300/- will satisfy the pensioners. It is well known that Government is spending huge sum for the beneficiaries of Central Government Health Scheme. Compared to that the amount of Rs300/- so sanctioned is nothing. I, therefore request the leaders of staff side not to negotiate for this meagre sum. Instead it should try for the proper health facilities for the Central Government pensioners, on which Government of India has already initiated some action.

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