Tribunal quashes court martial in case against signalman

Tribunal quashes court martial in case against signalman

The Armed Forces Tribunal has quashed the orders of a former Army chief and the dismissal of a soldier, who was tried twice by a Summary Court Martial (SCM) for an offence.

Signalman Sunil Kumar was dismissed by an SCM first in March 2006 for allegedly assaulting a senior officer and was sent to jail for four months in civil jail in Ambala.

After he had served a major part of his sentence, the superior authorities set aside the SCM, saying the soldier’s commanding officer had no authority to try him under the Arms Act and Kumar was taken back in service, his counsel Colonel S R Kalkal told PTI here.

After a few months, the Army again filed a fresh charge sheet against Kumar on the same charges and he was again tried by an SCM, which again awarded four months imprisonment and dismissed him from service.

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