Steps to End Contract Labour System

No Proposal to End Contract Labour System

The issue of employing contract labour is governed by the provisions of the Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970. The establishment employing contract labour has to abide by the provisions of the said Act. Section 10(1) of the Act authorizes the appropriate Government to prohibit employment of contract labour in any process, operation or other work in any establishment after consulting the Central Advisory Contract Labour Board (CACLB)/ State Advisory Contract Labour Board (SACLB).

The appropriate Government under the Act examines the cases of specific establishment(s) brought before it and after following the procedure, where conditions laid down under Section 10(2) of the Act are satisfied, prohibits the employment of contract labour by issuing notification.

Thereafter, that specific establishment can not employ contract labour in the job mentioned in the notification.
There is no proposal with the Government to end the system of contract jobs and outsourcing.

This information was given by Shri Mallikarjun Kharge, Minister for Labour And Employment in a written reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha today.

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