Expected Dearness Allowance from July 2011

Apart from annual increment, which falls in 1st July every year, all the Government Employees are very much excited to know the rate of Dearness Allowance from 1st July 2011.

Expected Dearness Allowance from July 2011

The reason for their excitement to know the D.A from July 2011 is quite simple. Though the Annual Increment also brings some adequate amount of money to their pay package, they feel no excitement in it. Because every body knows and is sure that they will get 3% of their Pay in the pay band and Grade Pay as the Increment of every year and they make it counted. But as for as D.A is concerned nobody knows what will be the rate of increase in Dearness Allowance, as the AICPI Number for the Industrial Workers for the month of June 2011 will be announced probably on 31st July 2011.The amount of increase in Dearness Allowance will make their pay packet big. Unexpected increase in salary will decrease their expected financial burdens. This is the reason many of us curiously searching for the prediction over Dearness Allowance.

AICPIN-IW for the past three months have been already announced by Labour Bureau, Department Statistics, Government of India in its Web site. According to it AICPIN-IW for the month of January 2011 is 188, Febraury 2011-185 and March 2011 is 185. AICPIN-IW for the remaining three months ie April, May and June 2011 have yet to be announced. So this is not the right time to answer correctly to the question of what will be the Dearness Allowance from July 2011? But as per the past 9 months average of monthly All India Consumer Price Index (IW) with the base year 2001=100, we can expect that the hike in Dearness Allowance from July 2011 will be around 6% to 7%

Many of our viewers frequently asking about the rate of Dearness Allowance for the particular year from 1996 to 2011.For their reference the rate of Dearness Allowance from the year 1996 to 2011 has been given below

After 6CPC

1st Jan 2011 – 51%
1st July 2010 – 45%
1st Jan 2010 – 35%
1st July 2009 – 27%
1st Jan 2009 – 22%
1st July 2008 – 16%
1st Jan 2008 – 12%
1st July 2007 – 9%
1st Jan 2007 – 6%
1st July 2006 – 2%
1st Jan 2006 – 0

Before 6CPC

1st Jan 2009
1st July 2008 – 54%
1st Jan 2008 – 47%
1st Jul 2007 – 41%
1st Jan 2007 – 35%
1st Jul 2006 – 29%
1st Jan 2006 – 24%
1st Jul 2005 – 21%
1st Jan 2005 – 17%
1st Jul 2004 – 14%
1st Apr 2004 (DA Merger) 11%
1st Jan 2004 – 61%
1st Jul 2003 – 59%
1st Jan 2003 – 55%
1st Jul 2002 – 52%
1st Jan 2002 – 49%
1st Jul 2001 – 45%
1st Jan 2001 – 43%
1st Jul 2000 – 41%
1st Jan 2000 – 38%
1st Jul 1999 – 37%
1st Jan 1999 – 32%
1st Jul 1998 – 22%
1st Jan 1998 – 16%
1st Jul 1997 – 13%
1st Jan 1997 – 8%
1st Jul 1996 – 4%
1st Jan 1996 –0

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128 thoughts on “Expected Dearness Allowance from July 2011”

  1. Rates of Dearness Allowance applicable w.e.f.01.07.2011 to the
    employees of Central Government and Central Autonomous Bodies
    continuing to draw their pay in the pre-revised scale as per
    5th CPC has not declared yet, if declared please reply

  2. Kamlesh Kumar Jha

    Anxiously awaiting the order of DA increase w.e.f. 01/07.2011 as per 5th CPC, which is most likely to be announced before Diwali festival, if declared, please reply instantly.

  3. suresh chand sharma

    The order of DA increase w.e.f. 01/07/2011. as per 5th pc, if declared , please reply

  4. The order of DA increase w.e.f. 01/07.2011 as per 5th CPC is still pending, if declared, please reply

  5. Rates of Dearness Allowance applicable w.e.f.01.07.2011 to the
    employees of Central Government and Central Autonomous Bodies
    continuing to draw their pay in the pre-revised scale as per
    5th CPC has not declared yet, if declared please reply

  6. Bank employees in nationalised banks are getting very lower salary as compared to government employees…..is really injustice.

  7. Inspite of revision of Pay in so much advance, our union should be requested to take the matter of merger of 50% DA, which is also as per 6th CPC report.

  8. 7% is not enough for this kind of inflation government should give the 10% DA because petrol,LPG prices are hiked after every 2 or 4 months.

  9. I congratulate the writer of the above article for correctly predicting rates of DA increase (6-7%). In a few months we shall also hear from him expected DA from 1.1.2012. To all central government employees and pensioners, please enjoy 58% Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief from July 1, 2011.

  10. DEAR SIR,


  11. m sashidhar rao

    its very nice to here that da has been increased by 7% from july 2011.In fact as per the market trend at present there should be a hike of atleast 10%.

  12. da should be at least 9% frm july on wards.other wise its very difficult to manase.b cause day by day the market prices are increasing like any thing.

  13. Sir,

    The D.A.increase must be a fixed amount for all group A,B,C employees as the %age incraese in DA largely depends on the basic pay of a individuals,which is differnet for different categories of employees. It seems unfair, so it must be a fixed amount rather than %age method.

    S R Jyotishi

  14. D.A. w.e.f. July 2011 must be at least 10% due to increase in price of regular commodities.


  15. DA from july 2011 should be more than ten per. looking at market rise. However 7% can be satisfied.


    it is onlymaking fool to give additional pension after80-85-995-100years of ageaverage life of a indian is65 years certain ly therewill be 2%of pensioners taking this previlage in lieu pen sio sholsbeincreased 2%every year it will be samathat per son willhave an increaseof204AFTER80 YEARAGOVT IS REQUESTED TO CONSIDER THE SAMESHIV KUMAR VERMA

  17. Looking at the recent hike in payments of Delhi MLA’s and Ministers, it shows how they are aware of the future.Be prepared for another hike in prices of vegetables and other essential accommodities. And I think the Govt Employees also deserve something more. So, our DA should not be less than 10 %.

  18. sir,
    i want know can i get posting on co location of my wife as i am in iaf in west bengal my wife in psu in punjab

  19. i think da to be 59% and increase 8%. The cost of foodgrains increased and da should not be that level. Milk, vegetable, and all material’s cost has gone at high level. da must be 8%.

  20. G.Murali Srinivasulu

    D.A. should be at least 9% as all the rates of commodities and other things have gone up. So Government should consider the employees expections.

  21. As per recommendation of 6th CPC, 50% of DA should be marged with Basic Pay/grade pay. Dearness Allowance should be 8% keeping in view of price hike in fuel and indirectly on other domestic items.

  22. Like regular employees, pensioners also to be given Annual increment. 50% D.A should be merged with the basic pension of the central govt.pensioners.The state govt.pensioners are getting more pension when compared to the central govt.pensioner since their basic is more for the same equivalent post.
    This may please be considered at the earliest.

  23. D.A should be at least 10% beacuse market rate is above than our salary .sometime we are unable to full our essential accomodaties.
    This is why it is my oppion.

  24. Prakash Kshirsagar

    DA must be raised by atleast 9 % as a result of tremendous increase in the prices.


  26. After completion of ten years from the date of retirement, the commuted value of pension may be restored to all pensioners of central government.

  27. it will be demand for the every govt employee and pensioner also for hike in basic pension every year not only at the time of next pay commission report after 10yrs or more.otherwise addll pension to be started from 61yrs

  28. DA will be at least 10% from July 2011 because the price rise in all the commodities.

    the government must think about the central government employees specially for the Group C employees because they are very low paid employees.



    as there is hike in all indexes only food index should not be considered banks are increasing interest rates all emis’ are increasing. Govt. employees who are depending only on salary income are in great panic for D A. 7-9 % should be declared at the earliest

  30. I do support the reasoning given regarding annual increment in pension of the retired govt, employees as only D.A. being increased every six months does not compensate adequately the rapidly rising inflation vis a vis cost of medical facilities, medicines and necessary dietary supplements in old age.The rate of increase in the pension should be one and half percent of the basic pension .

  31. Working employees get annual increment every year at 3%. Pensioners also may be given increase in their basic pension annually at least after 65 years. The senior pensioners after 65 years deserve medical allowance at flat rate of Rs 1000/- per month apart from CGHS facilities.

  32. kuldip Singh Dhamoon

    DA Expected w e f 1-7-2011 51% +7% =58% Kuldip Singh Dhamoon Chheharta-143105 Amritsar Pb 098152-68496-M

  33. Todays employee will be pensioner for tomorrow /.so it will be demand for the every govt employee and pensioner also for hike in basic pension every year not only at the time of next pay commission report after 10yrs or more.otherwise addll pension to be started from 61yrs

  34. Pensioners Should be Given 0.5% excess when compare to Service Employees Keeping the Cost of Living and Hike of prices from day to day life. As they are not entitled to get CCA & HRA like that of Service Employees.

  35. Ramalingaswamy Padala

    There should be consolidated Pension with various slabs according to the last pay drawn.Pensioners need not wait for months there should be Automatic DA f rom july 2011

  36. Ramalingaswamy Padala

    Ther should be consolidated pension with various slabs


    cording to the last pay drawn. These should not to belinked with

  37. banoth praveenlal

    sorry frnds, its not a 8% d.a its hike in DA 7% only w.e.f july 2011. From:praveenlal, E.P.F.O,

  38. V.Thulasidasan

    The question of hiking the pension every year seems to be a very good idea but i doubt that the Government will accept it quoting the common man who is also living in the same world where the serving and retired people are living and getting nothing such as increment, DA,HRA etc… Thulasi from KV Vijayanarayanam

  39. siva please come forward we will submit representation to the pensioner assn .It is the high time to say something about us.

  40. An increase of 3% increment in respect of pensioners will be welcome sign and will enhance the monetary strength to them.
    As per recent price index it seems to me that the DA w.e.f July 2011 will be 7%, but owing to recent price rise of petrolium
    products, it should be around 8 or 9%.

  41. DN Chaudhary

    Respected Fin Minister Sir,

    We all are expecting 10% hike in DA wef 01 Jul 11. Kindly consider keeping in view of many times increase of petrol price in a financial year.

  42. asit acharya

    d.a hike should be around 8-10% in view of the recent increase in price of petrol & gas.

  43. Re: Annual increase of at lease 3 % in basic pension as in the case of annual increments.

    can anyone of my fellow pensioners prepare a representation so that the same can be submitted by all the pensioner’s associations to the Govt. soon.

  44. DA should be increased for the month of July 2011 from 8% to 10%. Due to frequent increase in petrol,Diesel, Kerosene Oil and Gas. In Chandigarh Gas cylinder costs @ Rs. 407/- per cylinder. Those residing on top floor the helper demands Rs.3/- more extra for loading on the top floor.DA is above 50 % for serving employees 25% allowances have been increased.Accordingly the Pensioners should also be given some advantage of DA if goes more than 50 % now DA is 51 % wef 01-01-2011.Regards. Thanks

  45. govt should give 3% increment for pensioners IN BASIC PENSION.no increments for pensioners,no allowance for pensioners,no merger whenever da cross 50%.where will pensioner go.humble request to G.O.I TO SEEK INTO THIS MATTER.THANKS

  46. Dear sir,

    a person working in Central Govt applied for voluntary retirement completing 25 years and aged 50. After 2 months dept accepted and sent orders. !0 days are left for retirement. Can he change the mind and withdraw his earlier decision. If so under what ground Clarify

  47. Mukundan . n.

    The retired ere restricted to DA alone. But they are denied the other benefits of other allowances that are given to the serving employees like enhanced other allowances once the DA touches50%
    It should be viewed and the retired employees should also be compensaated in some other form on par with the serving employess.
    Secondly the medical allowance of Rs 300/ paid at present to be raised to Rs.500/ atleast considering the cost of the medicines and the doctors consultation fees.

    Will it have any value/ merit?



  49. News: Subsidised creche and Play way facility for Govt employees is being started in East Delhi, Vasundhara Enclave. Meals provided. Only those who can arrange their own transport can utilise the services.

    For registration mail details to [email protected]

  50. capt saha and ajit choudhury i am always with you as i am also interested for annual increase in basic pension and comment was posted for this

  51. Avinash Kumar Kashyap

    Dearness Allowance for the month of July, 2011, minimum 10% increased due to hike of p.o.l.

  52. Segu Kotilingam

    The index for May, 2011 is given as 187. Hence the DA enhancement will be only 7% which comes to 58% and nothing more.

  53. As per my openiun due to increase in rates of petrolium products ie. Diesel,Petrol & Gas market gone up by 10%,Therefore price index will be increse accordingly. hence this year DA will be increase by approx 10-11%.

  54. kumar chettri

    according to me D A should increase by 7% to8% . it benefits all of us . it would be a great step by the government..



    expected d.a. around 8%. due to recent price hike in petro products.


    As Capt Saha pointed out, there should be annual increment for the pensioners also. Or should the pensioners go for strike also for that? If required we all pensioners can unite together and do so. We have given our everything during our service to the nation. Now it is the time for us to get a few compensation.

  57. Dear Sir,

    The AICPI – IW for the month of April, 2011 is 186 points. Even if AICPI for the month of May, 2011 goes up to 188 points and for the month of June, 2011 190 points, the DA from 1-7-2011 will be only 58 %. Even if the AICPI is constant for the months of May and June, 2011, the D.A. increase will be only 7 % from 1-7-2011.

  58. Mahavir Singh

    As someone has already commented, it would be apt for the government to take a decision about giving 3%increment to pensioner every year.

  59. kuldip Singh Dhamoon

    DA Should Be 6% to 7% From 1-7-2011 Kuldip Singh Dhamoon Chheharta Asr

  60. Ex Capt AK Saha

    Logically, Central Govt should consider 3% annual increase of basic pension. This will help them to lead their retired life with dignity.

  61. Ramakanta Mahali

    In view of the hike of petrol price, the minimum DA should 8% from July, 2011.

  62. the rate of da w.e.f 1st July 2011 is forecast 2 b 58% i.e. a hike of 7%. It cannot be either 6% or 8% this time.

  63. V. Loganathan

    The Pensioners should be given 0.5% increase of basic pension whenever D.A. enhanced since they are not paid any HRA/CCA etc.

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