Grant of Grade Pay of Rs.4200 to Stenographers Grade D of CSSS

Grade Pay of Rs.4200 to Stenographers Grade D

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training

3rd floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market,
New Delhi date 22nd September, 2011


Subject: Grant of Grade Pay of Rs.4200 to Stenographers Grade D of CSSS – Issuance of Zone of Consideration for placement of eligible Stenographers Grade ‘D’ in Non-Functional Selection Grade (NFSG) – regarding.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s O.M. No.20/49/ 2009-CS- II(B) dated 22nd June, 2011 by which a new grade of Stenographer Grade ‘D’ (NFSG) was created in grade pay of Rs.4200/- in Pay Band-2 with immediate effect in CSSS Cadre with the condition that the total number in the grade will be restricted to 30% of the sanctioned strength.

2. Based on the Common Seniority List of Stenographers Grade ‘D’, list of Stenographers Grade ‘D’ who are considered eligible for grant of NFSG is annexed to this O.M,, subject to their being found suitable by the Internal Committee to be constituted by the Cadre Units as per para 1(b) of the O.M. referred to above. Stenographers Grade ‘D’ from S.No.1 to 33 of Annexure to this O.M. who had already completed the approved service of 5 years as on 22nd June, 2011 may be granted the NFSG w.e.f, 22nd June, 2011 and Stenographers Grade ‘D’ from S.No.34 to 98 of Annexure to this O.M. who have completed the 5 years of approved service on 1 July, 2011 may be granted the NFSG w.e.f. 1st July, 2011, subject to suitability.

3. Accordingly, the Cadre Units of C are requested to place the eligible Stenographers Grade ‘D’ as given in Annexure to this 0M. in the NFSG after following the procedure as prescribed in O.M. No.20/49/2009-CS-II(B) dated 22nd June, 2011 and also furnish the details of Stenographers Grade ‘D’, if any, who have not been covered in this order and are eligible for NFSG. A copy of order in NFSG in respect of eligible Stenographers Grade ‘D’ may please be furnished to this Department for the purpose of record.

4. Cadre Units should send a report to CS-II Division, detailing the officers who have been granted NFSG, by 15th October, 2011.

(Kirart Vasudevi)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

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4 thoughts on “Grant of Grade Pay of Rs.4200 to Stenographers Grade D of CSSS”

  1. Respected Sir,

    My request is why only CSS employees get Grade Pay Rs.4200/. I have seen that DOPT has considered only Stenographer Gr.III who is working in Ministreis and not other. I humbly request that DOPT should also cosnsider the Grade Pay R.4200/- to all subordinate Stenographer.

    I hope DOP&T will look into the matter very carefully once again.

  2. All gr/d stenos of CSSS are getting 4200 gp. The DOPT/Govt of india should consider the same to all Non-CSSS steno gr.d/ii in the same manner. The 6th cpc ignored the dying cadre of stenos and concentrated on other cadres. In subordinate offices gr.I are also getting 4200 gp. there is a big anamoly, which is not at all rectifying the so called Anamoly Cte/Govt. of India.
    When all are recruited by one exam, why not govt implement one gp to one cadre of all Depts/ministries/subordinate offices.

  3. congratulation to stenos but govt is promoting disparity after disparity. 6th p.c. has recommended parity upto the grades of assistant which has been defied by govt. firstly by giving 4200 g p to assistants in ccs.
    my request to the govt is that there are employees outside secretariat also and they also work and this disparity must stop.

  4. DOP&T should also consider Gp Rs.4200 to other Central Govt. Staff ie. subbordinate offices staff also. Nowadays all Stenographer and P.A. is doing same duty. Grade’D’ stenographer also merged in Grade II Stenographer. Kindly give jutice to all Stenographer ‘D’ in subordinate offices also.

    Thanking you,

    M.R. RAWAT

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