Booking of rooms of holiday homes at Mysore

Booking of rooms of holiday homes at Mysore for central Government Employees being done by authorities

No. D-11016/16/87-Regions
Government of India
Ministry of Urban Development
Directorate of Estates

Nirrnan Bhawan, New Delhi-04/04/2013

Office Memorandum

Subject:Opening of booking of rooms of holiday homes at Mysore.

The work of vertical extension of existing holiday home at Mysore has now been completed and accordingly, it has been decided to open the booking of rooms of holiday home at Mysore with immediate effect. Booking will be done by booking authorities as usual.

Mysore Holiday Home details

Mysore Holday Home has 39 rooms and booking should be done by Online only.

Following Rooms available at Mysore holiday Home

Double Bedroom Non AC – 19 Rooms

Double bed Suit AC – 18 Rooms

Double bed Suit non AC – 2 Rooms

Room Rent at Mysore Holiday Homes

Rs.300 / day for Double Bedroom Non AC

Rs.300 / day for Double Bed suit Non AC Rooms

Rs.330 / day for Double Bed suit n AC Rooms

Mysore Holiday Home Address Phone Numbers

Holiday Home Mysore
CPWD Office Campus,
T. Narasipur Road,
Sidhartha Nagar,
Geeta Convent Stop,

Tele. No. : 0821-2473661 0821-2473649
Fax : 0821-2470601

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