Merger of LDC and UDC and Upgradation Issue – Confederation Resolution

Confederation resolution modified this demand as

Rs. 2400/- for LDC & Rs. 2800/- for UDC


Dear friends,

The issues related to the Administrative Staff of the Government of India as follows have been placed before the 24th Conference held at Kolkata during 4th to 6th May 2013 by the undersigned in the capacity as National Organizing Secretary of the Confederation. The resolution committee of the Conference has finally adopted these demands and the same will be taken up with the Government by the Confederation in the coming days.

1) Merger of LDC and UDC upgradation of Grade pay to 2800/ (Confederation resolution modified this as Rs. 2400/ for LDC & Rs. 2800 for UDC).

2) Parity in pay scales of the Ministerial and Stenographers between Field and Secretariat offices.

3) Granting Rs. 4200 grade pay to30% UDC after completion 5 years service.

4) Granting of MACP on promotional hierarchy. Abolition of Grade pay Rs. 2000/ for granting of MACP.

5) Finalization & implementation of cadre restructuring pending with various Ministries/Ministry of Finance/DOPT before constitution of 7th CPC.

6) Continuation of the Association with the already identified cadres. Stop re-identification of already identified groups for recognition which is against the CCS (RSA) Rules.

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