Eye tests in CGHS empanelled hospitals labs

(a) whether the Eye Specialists visiting the CGHS dispensaries are referring eye tests to CGHS empanelled hospitals Diagnostic labs and imagaing centres in Delhi;

(b) if so, the names of those hospitals referred for tests/operation;

(c) whether it is a fact that Eye Specialists advise for Fundus Photo Tests, whereas the same are not included in the CGHS panel lists and pensioners have to pay ` 500/- for the tests;

(d) if so, the details thereof; and

(e) by when Government proposes to include these tests in the CGHS lists for the benefit of the pensioners?

(a) & (b): Yes. The Eye specialists refer CGHS beneficiary patients for eye tests to CGHS empanelled private hospitals / eye clinics for getting the prescribed tests done. The beneficiary is at liberty to go to any empanelled centre of his choice for getting the prescribed tests done without any prior permission from Department / CGHS Wellness Centre provided the tests are as per CGHS approved list and for which a CGHS approved rate is available. The list of empanelled hospitals / eye clinics are available at the CGHS website http://msotransparent.nic.in .

(c) & (d): Eye Specialist do advise for Fundus Photo Tests. However, since these particular tests are not included in the existing approved list of CGHS, pensioners are required to obtain prior permission from the Competent Authority as per the financial powers to undergo these tests at empanelled private hospital / eye clinic. They are also entitled facility at the empanelled centres on the basis of permission letter issued by CMO- In charge of CGHS Wellness Centre.

(e): Fundus Photo tests have been included in revised list of CGHS treatment procedures prepared for the next empanelment process.

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