Observance of Austerity Measures imposed by the Ministry of Finance

Observance of Austerity Measures imposed by the Ministry of Finance.

Attention of all OFs / Units Is drawn to OFB circular dated 28/10/2013 cited at ref above vide which it was intimated that where sanction for recruitment has been issued by OFB but factory is yet to advertise, the mattermay be kept pending till complete clarity is obtained from DDP.

02. In this connection, it has now been decided to take action for direct recruitment for filling up the vacancies where sanction has been accorded by OFB. However, before proceeding ahead with the recruitment process, DGOF & Chairman desires that all Members should review afresh the sanctions already issued and only there after factories should proceed further in the matter.

03. As such all factories are requested to obtain clearance from the respective operating Member of the division for further recruitment action In respect of sanction accorded by OFBoard for direct recruitment for the years 2012-2013 & 2013-2014 for which advertisement have not yet been issued.

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