Permission for Haemodialysis from non CGHS empanelled hospital

Permission for Haemodialysis from non-CGHS empanelled hospital /centre in respect of CGHS beneficiaries – reg

The undersigned is directed to state that In order to alleviate the difficulties of the CGHS beneficiaries, it has been decided that permission for Haemodialysis from a non CGHS empanelled hospital centre will hence forth be accorded by Additional Directors/ Joint Directors of City/Zones in respect of CGHS beneficiaries with the condition that reimbursement will be. made as per the CGHS approved rates. Expenditure over and above the CGHS rates will have to be borne by the beneficiary and medicines prescribed by Government Specialist shall be procured from the CGHS Wellness center. No request for full reimbursement of expenses incurred will be entertained.

The applicant should enclose a copy of the CGHS Card, prescription of Government Specialist advising haemodialysis along with frequency and duration for which the procedure is needed and the request letter of the applicant giving the name of the hospital form where haemodialysis is proposed to be done.

This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

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