Raising retirement age is included in a political party’s election Manifesto

Once again, raising the retirement age has started making headlines. ‘Samajwadi Party’ has promised in its Election Manifesto to increase the retirement age of state government employees from 60 to 65.

Raising retirement age is included in a political party’s election Manifesto

In the election manifesto released yesterday, the party has promised to raise the retirement age of the state employees to 65.

Retirement age for state government employees differ from state to state. Since the state governments do not follow the Central Government’s retirement age at 60, the demand has now started to show up in election manifestos of different states.

State governments have the power to decide the retirement ages of its employees. The recent Budget happenings of the Kerala State Government in this issue are well known.

Last year, there were a number of developments in this issue for the employees of Uttar Pradesh State Government. Since employees getting job at the age of 40 and retiring at 60 will not be able to complete qualifying service hence, will be devoid of benefits such as gratuity. Therefore, a demand was put forth to increase the retirement age..!

While replying to this question, Minister Mohd Azam Khan said that the State Government had no plans to raise the retirement age. He also accepted that the maximum age for recruitment for State Government employment has been changed to 40. He said that there were currently no plans of increasing retirement age because it would adversely affect the employment opportunities of others.

Amidst these situation, it is worth noting that the Samajwadi party, in its election manifesto, has announced that it would increase the retirement age to 65.

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