One Rank One Pension Table- Rank wise estimation

One Rank One Pension is one of the hot topic getting viral among all the personnel of armed forces. It is very old demand and getting momentum for the last few months. There was news floating around the media that the OROP notification will be issued soon. Minister assured Delegation of Ex Serviceman that the OROP Table also will be finalised in the matter of time. Hence we would like reproduce here the table which is published in Ex airman blog on 25th June 2014 for the readers as reference table for OROP . Since the Blog itself claimed it was unofficial, this OROP table  can be used to know the approximate benefit.

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Revised Pension w.e.f. 01 Apr 14: JCOs/ORs
 SepNkHavNbSubSubSb MajH LtH Cpt
24 97309930116351388514405  
25 X9930116351388514405  
26  993011635145751507514440 
27  X11735145751507514440 
28   1173514575153101616017905
29   1186515015155451616017905
30   1203015015157901616017905
31   1219515015160201616017905
32   1236015015160201616017905
33   1268515015160201616017905
34   1284515015160201616017905
35   1284515015160201616017905
36   1284515015160201616017905
37   1284515015160201713017905
38   1284515015160201713017905
39   1284515015160201713017905
40   1284515015160201713017905
100% Dis5646583859587707900996121027810743

Note: –
1. Table has been made using real data available and best across three Services.

2. Stepping up has been done in cases where the pension for greater length of service in a rank is lower than the lesser length of service in the same rank.

3. Stepping up has also been done in cases where the pension in senior rank is lower than a junior rank for the same length of service.

4. In cases where real data is not available, the date of next rank for same length of service has been used reducing the pension by half the difference in Grade Pays.

5. The Enhanced Ordinary Family Pension will be equivalent of the re-fixed retiring pension. Special Family Pension will be 120% of the re-fixed retiring pension and Liberalised Family Pension will be 200% of the re-fixed retiring pension.

6. For lower disability less than 100%, the above figures will be reduced as applicable

Tables Courtesy: Maj (retd) S K Jain and Sqn Ldr (retd) Charanjit Singh

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15 thoughts on “One Rank One Pension Table- Rank wise estimation”

  1. Sir, I would like know ,what is the basic pension of Subedar group ,y ,as per new pay scale of OROP,wef 01-7-2014

  2. sir, shall the disability pension will also be increased alongwith the revised rate of pension (OROP)

  3. A Sergeant of Indian Air Force retired after 20 yrs of Service of Y group on 30 Nov 1998 will get how much pension ?

  4. OROPs, destroyed by bursting of claverity bombs by beaurocrates and result will also be destroyed with heavy smoke of BOMB finally without paying any budget by Finace Minister.

  5. Sir,

    The above table means that a sepoy with 15 years service, will get Rs.8365/- as basic pension now. This means the salary(without disability) including DA(113%) will be Rs.17817/-. Is this correct and is this according to the base year as 2013. And is this the one Govt has announced on 05/09/2015.

    Thank You

  6. Offcourse, the amount given above are basic pay. But are they for 2013 as basic year? or 2014? Currently, the govt. decalred that orop will be given as 2013 as base year. Is the above figures accroding to that or Not?

  7. Projected OROP table (DGL) now again found posted where as latest news shows pension chart is being revised separately for X and Y group.Any of the exservicemen who is well conversant as to how the chart of pension was worked out and shown against each rank for the completed year of service if explained it may clear the authenticity and the validity of the OROP of group less chart

  8. Would like to know whether the figures in the chart are of basic pay or consolidated?

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