Grant of CSD Canteen Facilities to Retired Defence Civilian Employees

Grant of CSD Canteen Facilities to Retired Defence Civilian Employees

F. No. 8(14)/2015-D (Mov)
Government of India
Ministry of Defence

Sena Bhavan, New Delhi
Dated the 31st July, 2015.


Subject: Grant of CSD Canteen Facilities to Retired Defence Civilian Employees.

The issue relating to extension of CSD canteen facilities to retired defence civilian employees had been under consideration of government for a long time.

2. It has been decided to extend the CSD Canteen facilities to the retired Defence Civilian employees also.

3. This issues with the approval of Hon’ble Raksha Mantri.

(R.P.S. Negi)
Under Secretary to Govt of India

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4 thoughts on “Grant of CSD Canteen Facilities to Retired Defence Civilian Employees”

  1. The cantee ns are source of corrupion inthe defence est. Their non public fund accounts are another source of converting public funds into non public funds. High time these things are to be scrutinised and audited. They should be abolished and canteen should be taken over by MO D.

  2. The retired defence civilian employees have been representing this case with the successive union governments since a very long time. However the service personnel were not in favour extending the csd canteen facilities to the retired defence civilians. The present government took a bold decision by extending the csd canteen facilities benefiting lakhs of retired defence civilian employees. They will be always grateful to this government.

  3. Vijay Kumar Sharma

    Mr Lakshmanan is right. Where the profit of Crores is going. It is being eaten by few big bosses of defence officers at various places like unit, Command and HQ level. Canteen in defence should be closed for all ranks and other facilities like free house, free elect, free water, free education, free transportation, free ration, etc should be stopped as these facilities were provided when there was no DA. Now since DA is being paid for all the free items they are getting, then free facilities being given should be stopped. Canteen is also a part of corruption in defense.
    Not only this defence officers are taking donations in the name of welfare of jawans and eating the same. Not giving anything to jawans, canteen profits should be audited and profit earned be credited to public account.
    Now since equal DA is being paid to them, then stop all free facilities paid in lieu of DA.

  4. Yes, civilians can continue get sub-standard items kept at shelves all over India. Sub standard because there is so much corruption in running the canteen.

    Two things Govt should take into account. First it is a source of big corruption which gives extra-ordinary chance to Unit Commanders to make money and things are easy because everything is covered under the pretext of secrecy. Canteen responsibility should be removed from the Military heads so they concentrate more on their business and it helps them as well as Govt as this avenue is closed for corruption.

    Secondly, why should there be exclusive military canteen at all? There was a time when transportation was poor so military has to take care of personal needs of their personnel by opening a store in remote areas. In the flip-kart era, no place is remote. Wherever military camp is available, stores of every kind crowded now-a-days – unlike olden days when soldier has to solely depend on their canteens.

    If the Govt wants to extend tax free items for the uniformed personnel (better paid now-a-days than IT chaps)let them extend it. But the responsibility of Unit Run Canteens should be given to private agencies (even now it is not a govt store though Unit Commanders handle it).

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