NCJCM Staff Side demands One rank one pension from 7th Pay commission for all central government employees

The Civilian employees of Central Government have been waiting anxiously for implementation of the same equally for them

Shiva Gopal Mishra

Ph: 23382286
National Council (Staff Side)
Joint Consultative Machinery
13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi – 110001
E-Mail: [email protected]

Dated 11.09.2015

Justice Shri Ashok Kumar Mathur,
Seventh Central Pay Commission,
New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

Sub: Parity between Past and Future Pensioners

While urging for parity in Pension; for past and future pensioners before the Seventh Central Pay Commission, Staff Side, National Council/JCM vide Chapter-IV, Para 4.1 submitted as follow:-

“The Government have recently announced that “One Pension’ shall be implemented in respect of Armed Forces so that the glaring disparity between the persons of equivalent rank and status do not draw vastly unequal pensions if they retire at different point of time is undone. Already there is a complete parity in pension among the Judges of Supreme Court, High Court and the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, irrespective of the date of their retirement”. Now the Government of India has accepted the demand for ‘One Rank One Pension’ in respect of Armed forces.

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The detailed justification for the same has already been submitted in our aforesaid Memorandum, as well as during our Oral Evidence before the Central Pay Commission.

The Civilian employees of Central Government have been waiting anxiously for implementation of the same equally for them and hope that the Seventh Central Pay Commission would administer Justice by recommending “One Rank One Pension’ to all other past and future pensioners irrespective of their date of retirement and remove the injustice done to them so long.

Yours faithfully,

(Shiva Gopal Mishra)

Source: NCJCM Staff Side

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9 thoughts on “NCJCM Staff Side demands One rank one pension from 7th Pay commission for all central government employees”

  1. I agree with Mr. Bhattacharaya. This will maintain inter services equations relative to the qualifications, experience for different jobs in different services and also hardships involved. Once salaries and perks are decided on the basis of nature of the jobs, pensions should flow out there from.
    As regards, compulsory defence service, the Government will do well to recruit to a percentage of jobs in Government service to ex- servicemen.

  2. OROP to the Defence Pensioners has received a warm welcome from the veterans as it is understood to have rescinded a wrong done to them 42 years back. Role of the Defence Personnel in putting their life at stake for the protection of the integrity and sovereignty of their country is glorified all over the world.
    There are similar demands from other government pensioners also. Staff bodies from some sections of the government, have justified their demands, and rightly so, on the plea of their jobs being far more arduous and hazardous than the Defence Personnel. Rate of casualties/injuries while performing their routine duties have been claimed as far higher than in the Defence Forces. There is also comparison on the basis of the working conditions requiring a far larger proportion of the work force having to face the extremity of elements than required by the Defence Forces. Apart from para military forces there are many in civil area who toil as hard if not more and far more often. Railways and Police services may be quoted as examples.
    Large number of railway staff need to be out on the line to secure safe and efficient train operation when it is the hottest or the coldest weather, torrential rains or dense and biting fog, day after day, most part of their working life. This is not only so for the front ranks but also at the level of supervisors and senior officers. Very often there are droughts in one part of the country and floods in the other. Railways need to stretch themselves to help the nation cope with the both. When there are festivals and holidays for every one to celebrate, railway men are putting in extra hours for running extra trains to help their country men celebrate. For every soldier on the front there may be hundreds supporting them from behind who are treated to have served like wise when their services are recognised. But there are also hundreds of railway men who stretch out to help the forces reach there in time and support them all the time to be there. Similarly, I am sure, there are many wings of the government whose services go unsung.
    The services of only those wings of the government get recognised the most that are organised into lobbies and have lot of spare time to engage in this exercise . Those who are always tied to the yoke, devoid of even basic facilities to do their jobs well, have no time even to complain of the hardships suffered by them. Poor working and living conditions reflect on their performance. Working under trying circumstances, they are always at the receiving end. They have no lobbies to present their miseries to the powers that be. Media too highlights their poor performance without even an iota of appreciation about the environment in which they work.
    There is need to take a holistic view in the Government. Relative importance of all parts of the organism needs to studied, compared and recognised. Distortions introduced due to sectoral lobbies over the last few decades need to be sorted out. Earlier the pay commissions used to examine some what different sections of the government and try to lay down inter service equations also taking into account the changes in the circumstances requiring adjustments. There is little of such exercise in the report of the Sixth CPC. Lets see how 7th CPC fares.

  3. Nilamani Maharana

    Sri N Mishra has commented correctly. Militarry service should be made compulsory like many other countries before joining any other Govt Service. Pay of Armed Forces should also be hiked as there service is terminated at an younger age unlike other civil servants. All exservicemen should be inducted to other civil posts with the same or higher pay with the previous seniority counted for promotion in the new posting also.

  4. OROP should not be compared with arm forces .80% of forces can serve only 15 to 2o years which is the most valuable time of a human being .but a civilian can serve up to the age of 60 or 65 retirement life span is too small where it is as very as large in case of arm forces personel. so OROP is justified for arm forces only

  5. There should be parity between past pensioners & future pensioners in the matter of pension. It is indeed injustice on past pensioners as new pensioners with even less service get much more pension as compared to past pensioners. The cost of living & medical expenses are increasing day by day and old pensioners are the ones who are hurt the most. GOI should seriously look into this demand.


    Dear sir,

    it will be interest of nation that at least 15 years army service may be made compulsory for all the government servant.


  7. SK Bhattacharya

    In order to remove problems of disparities , it was ably proposed by me about a year back that a NATIONAL PAY COMMISSION be constituted to deal Salary, Perks ,Pensions and other amenities like Pay Commissions to deal with Executive, Legislatures, Judiciary and Corporations etc etc , on a permanent basis like Election Commission etc. Let wisdom prevail on to the Govt.

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