Central Government Invites innovative ideas and suggestions on tax policy and administration

The Department of Revenue invites taxpayers and general public to provide innovative ideas and suggestions on tax policy and administrative issues with the objective of ease of doing business

One of the key priorities of the Government is to provide a non-adversarial and a responsive tax administration with the main objective of creating an environment conducive for achieving higher investments and growth. At the same time the focus is also on ensuring ease of doing business for the taxpayers. For individual taxpayers, Government endeavours to promote voluntary compliance by making compliance easy and reducing the cost of compliance for the taxpayers. These steps are aimed to ultimately result in buoyant revenue collections, reflecting higher growth, leading to higher standard of living and better quality of life for the citizens.

The Department of Revenue invites taxpayers and general public to provide innovative ideas and suggestions on tax policy and administrative issues with the objective of ease of doing business and reducing compliance cost for industries thereby facilitating buoyancy of revenue and increase in investment leading to higher growth.

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7 thoughts on “Central Government Invites innovative ideas and suggestions on tax policy and administration”

  1. Sir One more important point needs to attract your attention;;
    Due to bio metric system there is no problrm in carrying out our responsibilities.
    But sir traffic on roads
    Increased passengers in public transport
    Makes the life miserable.
    UPTO 1986 There was a six days week system
    5 days system was introduced by Govt to curb expenses,electricity water etc.all men and women hv to obey the orders but dur to smaller days in winters it becomes more unbearable.
    If its possible it would be prudent to switch back to old six days a week system which will give sufficient time to work and also sufficient time to attend to homely duties. Please switch back to 9;30 am to 4;30 pm six days week and only second saturday off.All ministries main offices 9am to 4pm ans second saturday off.
    The earlier the better.

  2. Respected sirs,
    THAT about 25 to 30 years ago all the Dispensaries under CGHS Min of Health used to open in two shifts viz once in the morning grom 7;30 am to 10;30 am and again in the evening from 5 pm to 9pm.
    Sir with the changed eork scenario of bio metric system it is difficult to even go to dispensary.
    So please reopen the dispensaries in two shifts simply by an executive order by orienting the existing staff of dispensaries like 60% in the morning and 40% in the evening. Or 50–50.There will be no extra cost and patients shall praise u.Each dispensary has three to four dictors so let they be 50% shift wise.

  3. Respected sirs, another important suggestions–
    2 No NGO be given any Govt funding. As per media reports from time to time NGOs are the first tax flouting and money siphoning tools. When r u going to ban or strike off their strength.
    3 if any NGO wants to do some work let it do without govt funds. They r free to do the charity work.
    4 Please ensure all NGO’s are taxed at 25% of their profits on their own funding and not given any rebates or deductible expenses extraordinarily
    They are companies only under a sophisticated brand name so why tax payers money to them.
    GOVT OF INDIA has enough staff they can create one department separately named SOCIAL SAFETY WING OR CENTRAL SOCIAL DEPARTMENT OR CENTRAL NON- govt organisation and the tasks of Pvt NGO’s can be DONE through this deptt if created by SIMPLY SHIFTING THE SURPLUS STAFF FROM VARIOUS MINISTRIES OR THEIR SUBORDINATE OFFICES.
    Thanks for pondering on how to avoid tax or govt money.

  4. Sir furthermore the duty of any Govt in India is to take care of its population in all tespects.the need of the hour is more taxes collection to meet the populist demands which can be met from::
    1.Denongest metros Tax- Levy a metro tax on any citizen who owns more than one car.And likewise give lesser interest tate loans to any resident in rural villages who actually lives there to purchase a car.this will encourage public to stay at their villages and decongest the metros.this shud be limited to metros only to start with.
    2 MULTIPLE CAR TAX FOR PARKING– A CENTRAL TAX FOR METROS–Levy a car park tax on any individual in all metros who owns more than one car especially who parks the cars on road or streets and do not have their own car park space, to discourage people from showing / projecting as rich to immitate the real rich but buy a car by taking loans in metros. This will save india’ s prestigious foreign currency reserves in multi billions of dollars paid for buying crude thereby avoiding the pollution, foreign currency, choking of metros, less road maintenance due to wear & tear and less tragfic means less accidents in metros.
    3 MULTIPLE CHILDREN TAX MORE THAN TWO–Govt must make a policy that any person of any caste or creed shall be eligible for Govt subsidy only if that person or family has only two children. Any person irrespective of any caste, religion, creed be him rich or be poor whosoever has more than rwo children shall not get any Govt subsidy or aid for the whole family. Additionally if the same very person or family has fourth child born then that family will have to pay EXCESS CHILD TAX to state or central Govt@10% OF head of family. This is importantTo save the Population explosion.this is important to save the 125 crores existing population hence the multiple child tax and no subsidy.
    4TAX PAYER PRIORITY REWARD certificate–Called as outof turn services certificate– to be issued every year-GOVT must announce that any resident of india if pays any tax voluntarily, be it even rs1000/- a year, he or she tax payer will carry one specific certificate with him or her as a previlidge certificate entitling him or her a PRIORITY TREATMENT OUT OF TURN OR OUT OF LINE, for any work on first priority for property registration, rail ticket bookings, water electricity bill payments, movie tickets, eating food in any restourants, priority out of turn treatment in all hospitals, outof turn billing in grocery stores, out of turn bookings in all public domain even for getting petrol filled,means these tax payers shall get priority over a non tax payer. THIS WILL DISCOURAGE TAX EVASION AND PROMPT EVERY ONE TO PAY TAX. THIS shud be for individual tax payers only and not by the companies.
    5MIGRATION TAX– FOR KEEPING DUAL CITIZENSHIP WITHIN INDIA-AND TAX REBATE FOR SINGLE CITIZENSHIP-As per law any one can live anywhere in India except J&k.These days people keep dual status that is two houses in two states like one In his mother state and second where he works.Even they make permanent citizenship at the place of work and they dont move after retirement.They get dual subsidies, dual educational priorities, dual scholarships dual benefits of reservations which increases burden on Govt of india as the population increases.To curb this despite digitisation of single data base there shud be TEN % tax of gross income on any person who maintains dual citizenship within india.ON THE OTHER SIDE anyone who changes his full citizenship from one state to the other state shud be guven rebate @10% in tax payable so that the assets and other thungs are not blocked by dual citizenship by such people, please dont ignore and dont laugh JUST THINK WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN JUST 25 YRS FRO NOW as the population explosion will lead to more unemployment and more thefts mire murders more crimes, better tackle them now thanks

  5. I would like to suggest the following:

    1. Completely abolish the Income tax. Instead levy a tax on each and every commodity at a fixed %age (say 1-2%) so that everyone will pay the tax. There cannot be any tax evasion.

    2. The Central Government should bring a law saying that whatever one earns should be spent by him/her. After their death only 10% of the total earnings will be kept and the rest will go to the Government treasury. That way no one would accumulate wealth.

  6. I congratulate all the concern authorities of Govt. of India for inviting suggestion for introducing new tax policy with the aim to ultimately result in buoyant revenue collections, ensuring ease of doing business for the taxpayers, reflecting higher growth, leading to higher standard of living and better quality of life for the citizens.

    In this regard, I will like to suggest that the income tax can be replaced simply by introducing uniform rate of say 0.5% on all amount received in any bank account for whatever purpose including salary, business and corporate transactions, long term and short term capital gain from shares, securities and property, etc. It should be the responsibility of the receiving bank to deposit the tax on daily basis for the total amount received in the bank.

    It may be noted that the above suggestion is from the inventor of Securities Transaction Tax (STT) proposed by me on 24.6.2000 vide my registered letter to the Ministry of Finance and it is implemented but never recognized. Therefore, there must also be a process of proper recognition for all the accepted suggestion in national interest. With best wishes & regards. Dr J K Mohnot, [email protected]

  7. Sir, my simple suggestion; there shud be four tax slabs;; upto 8 lacs salary income Flat IT @ 10%& no surcharges of any kind. From 8.01 to 16 lacs flat 20% and again ni surcharges of any kind. From 16.01 lacs to 50 lacs Flat 30% tax and surcharges as this category can afford easily since they earn handsomely every year. Lastly for super rich beyond 50.01 lacs upto any income flat 40% income tax since they earn too too much so they must owe responsibility to downtrodden.MOST IMPORTANTLY all cos pvt or psus must be taxed at their net profits @25% flat and no surcharges. If any co claims any kind of subsidy then they must pay 25% tax and surcharge of 5% flat, to spare govt money for social schemes. Any expenditure on advertisements in any media should not be deductible from co expenditure to say that amount spent on advertisement has to be considered as net income only this is very important. Advertisement money flows from one pocket to the other but no concrete work for the poor like food, medicines, shelter etc.Stay in five star to 7 star hotels must be limited to a specific figure per person per day. Beyond which 25% tax on that expenses. This will simplify yax and increase revenues. Thanks

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