New Rail Refund Rules came into effect from 12.11.2015

Indian Railways today modified the refund system for train passengers. With accordance with the new refund rules, passengers will have to pay double for cancelling tickets.

As per the rule, the first AC or executive class has been increased from Rs 120 to Rs 240, for second AC or First Class the cancellation charge has been increased from Rs 100 to Rs 200 and for the Third AC/ ACC/3A economy goes up to Rs 180 from Rs 90.

Read the complete order issued by the Railway Board today

Amendments in the certain provisions of Refund Rules – Comprehensive Refund Rules.

Amendments in the certain provisions of Refund Rules have been made and Comprehensive Refund Rule shall be notified through Gazette Notification.

This will come into effect from 12.11.2015

The changes in the refund rule wherever required should be carried out in manual ticketing system and in PRS, UTS, SPTMs etc.

Special arrangements should be made to ensure that necessary instructions and the revised refund rules reach the staff well in time. Steps should also be taken to ensure that the staff fully understand these changes in the refund rule and implement them properly.

Wide publicity should be given through media at regular intervals and the same may also be displayed prominently at all stations at booking/reservation counters. Action should also be taken to make changes in Passenger Information Systems at all places including Enquiry office etc.

In case of any disparity in English and Hindi version, the English version shall prevail.

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