7th CPC Pay Structure for Defence Forces Personnel

7th CPC Pay Structure for Defence Forces Personnel : Pay levels have been set out in a pay matrix, separately for civilian and defence forces personnel.

The Defence Services in their Joint Services Memorandum have contended that the emoluments in the Defence Services should stand a fair comparison with what is available in the Civil Services, otherwise the Defence Services will be denied their legitimate share of the available talent pool.

7th CPC Pay Structure for Defence Forces Personnel

The Commission has devised pay matrices for civil and defence forces personnel, after wide ranging feedback from multiple stakeholders. The common aspects of the two matrices and the unique elements in the defence pay matrix are outlined in the succeeding paragraphs.

General Approach to the Pay Matrices: Civil and Defence

Pay levels have been set out in a pay matrix, separately for civilian and defence forces personnel. The Commission has evolved a fresh approach by merging the grade pay and pay bands into distinct pay levels. The approach regarding the pay levels and pay matrix has been explained in Chapter 5.1. Some of the major points in the pay matrix which have a common bearing on civilian and defence forces personnel, are highlighted below.

  Pay Bands and Grade Pay: Pay Bands and Grade Pays have been dispensed with and the new functional levels have been arrived at by merging the Grade Pay in the Pay Band. All the existing levels have been subsumed in the new structure.

Entry Pay: The entry pay for various ranks of defence forces personnel, other than MNS Offices, has been arrived at on the same premise, as has been done in the case of civilian. As an illustration, entry pay for a Captain has been arrived at as follows:

Entry pay in existing pay band + (Residency Period for promotion to Captain from Lieutenant x annual increment) + grade pay of the rank of Captain
= ₹15,600 + (2 x ₹630) + ₹6,100 = ₹22,960.

An exception to this approach has been made in the case of Brigadiers/equivalents where pay for the rank has been arrived at as per the fitment table notified by the Ministry of Defence through its Special Army Instructions of October 2008.

Fitment: The starting point of a Sepoy (and equivalent), the entry level personnel in the defence forces, has been fixed in the Defence Pay Matrix at ₹21,700. The starting point in the existing pay structure is ₹8,460 for a Sepoy/equivalent. The fitment in the new matrix is essentially a multiple factor of 2.57. This multiple is the ratio of the new minimum pay arrived at by the Commission (₹18,000) and the existing minimum pay (₹7,000). The fitment factor is being applied uniformly to all employees. It includes a factor of 2.25 to account for DA neutralisation, assuming that the rate of Dearness Allowance would be 125 percent at the time of implementation of the new pay as on 01.01.2016. The actual raise/fitment being recommended by the Commission is 14.29 percent. An identical fitment of 2.57 has also been applied to the existing rates of Military Service Pay (MSP), applicable to defence forces personnel only.

Rationalisation: An ‘index of rationalisation’ has been applied while making enhancement of levels from Pay Band 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and 3 onwards on the premise that role, responsibility and accountability increases at each step in the hierarchy. At the existing PB-1, this index is 2.57, increasing to 2.62 for personnel in PB-2 and further to 2.67 from PB-3. Recognising the significantly higher degree of responsibility and accountability at levels corresponding to Senior Administrative Grade, the entry pay is recommended for enhancement by a multiple of 2.72. The same multiple is also being applied at the HAG and HAG+ levels. At the apex level the index applied is 2.81 and for the Service Chiefs/Cabinet Secretary the index has been fixed at 2.78.

As noted in Chapter 5.1, dealing with the Civilian pay matrix, marked increase was accorded to directors in the GP 8700 at the stage of implementation of the VI CPC Report. Accordingly in the matrix the rationalisation index applied at this level has been fixed at 2.57, lower than the index of 2.67 applied to existing PB-3 officers. A similar formulation has necessarily to be applied to the defence pay matrix since the Lieutenant Colonels also received a marked increase in their pay level, post VI CPC recommendations. Since the defence services have an additional level in the existing PB-4 and there is a common pay level for SAG level officers in Defence and Civil, the Commission has applied the rationalisation index of 2.57 also to the officers in the rank of Colonel and Brigadier and their equivalent.

MACP: The Commission is not recommending an increase in the number of MACPs. For defence forces personnel this will continue to be administered at 8, 16 and 24 years as before. In the new pay matrix defence forces personnel will move to the immediate next pay level in the hierarchy. Fixation of pay will follow the same principle as that for a regular promotion in the pay matrix.

Equivalence in Pay Levels for Certain Levels: The starting pay level for officers at Group `A’ entry level is identical at ₹56,100 in the case of both civilian and defence service officers. Similarly the pay of the Major General and Joint Secretary and equivalent officers and those above [viz., Lieutenant General (in HAG, HAG+, Apex) and Chief of each defence service] has been kept identical with their civilian counterparts. Identical pay levels has been devised for JCO/ORs and their civilian counterparts corresponding to the existing pay bands and grade pay.

7th Pay Commission’s Defence Pay Matrix and  Some Distinct Aspects of this Pay structure

For defence forces personnel, there are two separate matrices, one for the Service Officers and JCO/ORs and another for the Military Nursing Officers. The existing ranks among Officers and...[Continue Reading….. ]

Dwonload 7th CPC Full Report :Seventh pay commission report pdf

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