Basic Pension calculator as per 7th CPC Recommendation

On request of Pensioners, we have prepared a Calculator to calculate Basic Pension as per 7th Pay Commission recommendation

Basic Pension calculator as per 7th CPC Recommendation for pre 2016 Pensioners

We all ready explained the method of Calculation for arriving revised Pension by simple Steps . The commission recommends two options to calculate your Basic Pension as per 7th CPC, the higher of Option I and II will be fixed as your Basic Pension [ [ See : Easy steps to Calculate your Basic Pension in 7th Pay Commission]

This Calculator gives you the result of Two options Recommended by 7th Pay commission for Pre 2016 Pensioners

You need to input the required details in the Input Table Below

1.You need to enter your Basic Pension revised as per Sixth CPC

2.Select your Pay Band in sixth CPC

3. Enter Grade Pay

3.Select Number of increments you earned in the Pay scale when you retired also to be entered in Enter your Increments field [ Refer :7th CPC Pension Formulations for calculating Basic Pension for Pre 2016 Pensioners ]

In Table No.2,

Your Basic Pension is arrived based on the details given in the Table-I

Option -I will be fixed initially as your Basic Pension.

Option – II is calculated based on the basis of the Pay Band and Grade Pay at which they retired

Later the Pension amount admissible (higher of Option 1 and 2) will be fixed as your 7th CPC Basic Pension.

7th CPC Pension calculator

Enter your Basic pension as on 31.12.2015
Date of Birth

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32 thoughts on “Basic Pension calculator as per 7th CPC Recommendation”

  1. Sir, Para 4(2) of Min of Pers,PG & Pension OM No 37/38/08-P&PW(A) dt 1-9-2008 (6th CPC implementation order) stipulates that the revised pension in r/o pre-2006 CG Pensioners will be subject to provision that the same, in no case, shall be lower than 50%of the minimum of the pay in the pay band plus the grade pay thereon corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale from which the pensioner had retired. Can anybody clarify, whether it is the stage/level of pay scale on retirement or the minimum of the pre-revised pay scale wrt which the revised pension at 50% of the minimum of the pay band + Gde pay is to be determined.

  2. Parthasarathy

    Counting increments and fixation of pension under 7cpc may not correct fixation. Reasons are while fixing pa under 6cpc iteself employee might have drawn more than minimum pay and hence just fix pay minimum of 7cpc in the scale and add no of increments is not the correct figure
    Employee certainly loose.

  3. kindly provide pension calculator based on the sugession option -3 by pension dept please.

  4. G.Rajamanickam

    In reply to Mr. Dilip Kumar’s doubt, it is informed that the Head of Office has to be furnish the details of increments drawn by the pensioner based on the Service Record to the concerned PAO. In turn, PAO will issue revised authority to the Central Pension Accounting Office who in turn will authorize the banks for the revised pension.

  5. G.Rajamanickam

    This is in reply to Mr. Subrat Kumar Sahoo’s query dated 27th July, 2016. Since you are entitled to get your first financial upgradatin under MACP on 1.11.2016, you please opt to have your fixation of pay in the MACP Grade on 1.11.2016 itself so that you will get your annual increment on 1.7.2017.

  6. G.Rajamanickam

    This is in reply to Kanthamma’s pension case. In the case of those retired in PB-II – Rs.9300-34800 with Grade Pay Rs.4200, their pension should not be less than Rs.6750/- being the 50 % of minimum of the scale i.e. 9300+4200 = 13500/2 = 6750 irrespective of their qualifying service. Since the revision of pension should be done based on the gross pension i.e. before commutation of pension. it is not clear on what basis the bank has computed revised pension by taking Rs.6553/- as pre – revised pension. The matter may please be taken up with the pension disbursing bank.

  7. K.V.Sreeramachandran

    I would like to mention regarding parity in pension . Those who have retired prior to 2006 in the same grade are getting less pension whereas those who retired after 6th py commssion are getting more pension. The difference is almost about Rs.7000/- It is not justifiable. Those who have worked earlier also to be considered and pension parity in the same grade may be considered.

  8. when i was taken VRS my pay scale was 6500-200-10500 on 2004 april. in 2014 i got office order stating according to 2006 cpc my pay bond is PB – 2, 9300-34800, GP – 4800, BP rs 6553. but after pre 2006 pensioners delinking of 33 years service (mine qualified service was 25 years so that time i got 30% pension) i got letter from office paybond as per 6th cpc 9300-34800, grade pay 4200,( when i enquired i got answer 4800 was mistake) revised BP rs.8145, but in 7cpc they have taken 6553 only so i got revised pension 16842, where it should be 8140×2.57 = 20933, so where i have to ask, when can i get it.

  9. dear sir,
    Will pensioner also get their revised pensoin asper 7 th CPC from Aug 2016 ?

  10. Rajender Singh

    Grade pay of Sub Maj should be revised to 5400 as in the case of civil employee after completion of four years of service. Then only they are beneficial.

  11. As per the provisions in 7th CPC recommendation, Your MACP will be granted on the due date ie 1st Nov 2016 and your next Annual Increment date will be 1st July 2017

  12. Subrat Kumar Sahoo

    Sir I as per the 7th CPC rules increment will given on either on 1st Jan or 1st Jul. If I get increment on 1st Jul and my first MACP is due on 1st Nov 2016. As per 6th CPC indl get next level pay on due date of MACP. Is it remain same and I am eligible to get MACP on 1 st Nov 2016 or not. Plz clarify… Thank u..

  13. dilip kumar das

    How bank/PDO will ascertain how many increments earned on last grade pay on the date of proceeding pension ? There should be logic behind the quarry/settlement. From where they will get Service Book details. Individuals statement will not be enough here. Please clarify about the settlement of Option II to fix pensioners.All employees are in the dark about this facts and will be looser for their genuine dues. CLARIFY please.

  14. Does it apply for educational block officer also. My papa’s pension is 29500 what should be his increased pension?

  15. How bank/pension fixation authority will ascertain no of of increments earned on the last Gde Pay in the month of retirement ? From where they will get the same. Service Book entries how they can check ?

  16. Ashok Kumar

    I worked almost24 years in one Gradei.e.,700-900since01.01.1984 revised later on in 6thPCto,9300-34800 earned two stagnation incrementGrade Pay4600.retired at BP27600.Keeping in view as per step II, Pension arrives at 40600. Prior to retirement was promoted in Grade 4800 at BP28630, accordingly Pension arrives at 36790 with Nil years service.Difference in Pension arrives Appx. 3810. Would you be kind enough to guide me how to set side my grievance & at which level. Thanks

  17. Dinesh Kumar Singh

    Sir, what is spl for paramilitary personnel in 7th pay commission.

  18. sivasankaran

    According to 7 th cpc report sepoy rank pushed too much back. Because those sepoys retired before 2006 after full filling the conditions of service 17, 18 an 20 years they could not get promotion even qualified due to unavailable vacacy. I request you to give them time scale havildar’s pension. This is a request of a poor sepoy.
    Awiting for our favourable actions.

  19. In the case of Sr Sukumaran above following should be added in formula II—-`in case undre MACP promotion, numbers of increments admissible on promotion in new GP plus increments earned thereafter.


  21. sir,
    the pension calculater is very good but requires some modificatios.
    the doctors are paid n.p.a @ the rate of 25%.hence there sould be column marking ” whether doctor”- yes / no.
    the totol amount to be present pension+ n.p.a.
    thanking you

  22. Every posting is silent about dearness relief-they are only harping on

    basic pension….What about dearness relief ? they are silent about it

    Kindly clarify

  23. Kanwal Kishen Koul

    Shall there be any change in the deduction of commuted value from the new pension fixed on January 2016.

  24. Thank you for your feed back.
    This Calculator is actually provided for Civilian Pensioners to calculate their Basic Pension. We are in the process of publishing a separate calculator for defence forces personnel soon

  25. C.Satyanarayana, Hyderabad

    There is some flaw in this calculation. For those who had retired from pay scales prescribed in forth Pay Commn scales the increments yhey had drawn in their respective 4 cpc scales have to be taken into account for arriving at the 7 cpc pay matrix. otherwise the revised 7 cpc pension goes wrong. This may please be checked up.

  26. Thank you for providing the pension calculator.

    The amount arrived at under option II appears to be incorrect.

    Kindly refer 7th CPC recommendations page 418 para 10.2.87 i which reads “all the defense forces who retired prior to 01.01.2016 (expected date of implementation of the seventh CPC recommendations) shall first be fixed in the pay matrix being recommended by this commission, 0n the basis of the pay band and grade pay at which they retired, at the minimum of the corresponding level in the pay matrix. This amount shall be raised to arrive at the notional pay of the retiree by adding the number of increments he/she had earned at that level while in service, at the rate of three percent. Military service pay shall be added to the amount which is arrived at after notionally fitting him in the 7th CPC matrix. Fifty percent of the total amount so arrived at shall be the revised pension.” For example a person who is drawing BP under VIth CPC @ Rs.15465 pm in pay scale 15600-39100 GP 5400 and MSP 6000. Under option I the calculation is 15465 x 2.57 = 39745.05 rounded off to 39746.

    However, for option II in order to fit him in the 7th CPC matrix the if the GP of 5400 and the VI th CPC pay band of 15600-39100 is taken into account this person will fall under Level 10 of the Defense Forces Personnel pay matrix and his min notional pay without any increment will be 56100. subsequently the MSP as on 01.01.2016 which is 15500 is to be added and 50% of 71600 i.e. 35800 will be the new pension under option II.

    Kindly, advise me if I am ignorant any other factor.

  27. How will the calculation of revised pension be addresses to in the case of PSU absorbees whose one third pinion has been restores after 15 years from date of absorption along with DA on 100 percent of the notional full pension
    There is no comment in the pay commission report

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