Guidelines for Computerization of CGHS non-computerized units/future new units

Guidelines for Computerization of CGHS non-computerized units/future new units

F. No. 44/37/2015/MCTC/CGHS /1114
Monitoring Computerization and Training Cell
Directorate General of CGHS
Min of Health & Family Welfare

New Delhi 5th January, 2016


Subject: Guidelines for Computerization of CGHS non-computerized units/future new units

All CGHS units like Allopathic Wellness Centers, Ayush Wellness Centers, Polyclinics, First Aid Posts(FAPs), VVIP units etc. need to be computerized for maintaining transparency and accountability of services provided to the beneficiaries. The following guidelines should be followed for computerization of hitherto non-computerized units or future new units:

1. Procurement of computers and peripherals-For cities other than Delhi, the CMOs In-charge of the unit may put up the demand for computers and peripherals with respective ADs for procurement. In Delhi the procurement of computers and peripherals would be done by AD (MSD) after receiving request from the Zones.

2. Extension of existing leased line

(a) In cases where units to be computerized are co-located with an existing center (like Ayush Wellness Centers, which are located in the same building as Allopathic Wellness Centers), the existing leased line may be extended for the units to be computerized.
(b) For standalone units new Leased Lines have to be installed. Broadband connections of tariff plan up to Rs 2000/- per month may be installed as alternate internet connectivity.

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3. Local Area Network (LAN) wiring-The office of respective Additional Directors would get the work done.

4. Procedure for shifting of leased line/ new leased line connection

(a) In cities other than Delhi, the request for shifting of Leased Line in case of relocation of a unit or installation of new leased line for new centers may be put up to MCTC by Additional Directors. MCTC would coordinate with BSNL for demand estimate. Approval of competent authority would be taken by MCTC once demand estimates are received from BSNL and conveyed to respective ADs.

(b) In Delhi, the CM0 1/C would coordinate with local MTNL for demand estimates for new MTNL leased line connection/shifting of MTNL connection. The approval of demand estimate would be taken from competent authority by the Additional Director.

5. Procedure for Broadband Connection and telephone connection – The CMOs In-Charge and respective ADs would coordinate with BSNL/MTNL for the same.

6. Creation of Wellness Center/Unit code, NIC email ID and Password

(a) For creation of email ID, CMOs IN-charge may fill up mail subscription form available on website of NIC. The duly signed and filled form may then be scanned and emailed to NIC with copy to MCTC.

(b) CMO I/C and Additional Director would coordinate with NIC and MCTC through email for the Wellness Center/unit code.

7. Initial Handholding training of staff to use the CGHS computer module if required Local NIC may be contacted through respective Additional Directors for the same.

This issues with the approval of competent authority.

Nodal Officer

Authority: CGHS

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  1. SK Bhattacharya

    7 CPC recommendations are very complicated. It has replaced the Band with Matrix. Rubbish. The calculations should be easy and simple. Giving weightage to length of service in a particular post is ridiculous. Once retired the Pension should be same for a particular post. Besides the Junior after Retirement should not draw more pension than his Senior after Retirement. This is what the H’ble Apex Court and many other judicial verdicts have established and if not followed then there will be infinite litigation. The Babu’s in the Finance Ministry be warned to refrain from issuing such obnoxious orders. H’ble PM and Fin Min must remain alert to such moves by Babu’s- who are the root cause of all nuisances in the Administration resulting in unnecessary litigations.

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