Ensure your Departments has taken the requisite action sought by 7th CPC implementation Cell : Confederation

Confederation message to its affiliated Unions is given below

Confederation cautioned its affiliates to ensure that their Departments has taken the requisite action sought by 7th CPC implementation Cell



Please read the following minutes of the Implementation cell of the Finance Ministry which is acting as the Secretariat of the Empowered Committee constituted by the Government under the Chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary for processing of 7th CPC recommendations for submission to the cabinet for approval.

Please ensure

(1) that your department has nominated a nodal officer and try to interact with him

(2) that your organization has submitted a memorandum or letter to your departmental head seeking modifications to the department-specific recommendations of the 7th CPC

(3) that your departmental head held consultations with your organization on the department specific modifications submitted by you, before finalizing the proposals for submission to the Implementation cell

(4) that proposal as per the demand of your organsiation for modifying the proposal of 7th CPC is submitted to the Implementation cell within two weeks (i.e before 16.02.2016) by your department.

Please note that this is the only stage when the Unions/Associations/Federations in each department shall get an opportunity to present their demand for modifications on department – specific recommendations of the 7th CPC. If we fail to Intervene effectively at this state, we may not get another chance to present our case before the Government.

Regarding common demands JCM (NC) Staff side had already submitted its memorandum to Cabinet Secretary and two stages agitational programmes are organised and is preparing for indefinite strike. Regarding Department-specific issues Confederation National Secretariat held last month had given a clear direction to all affiliated organizations to organize departmental level agitational programmes by each organsations (if possible jointly with other organizations in that department) on department- specific modifications submitted to each Departmental head. Unless we build up pressure by organizing struggle the departmental heads may not consider our demand for modification seriously and may not even submit any proposal for modifications to the Implementation cell.

Please note the following decisions of the Implementation cell.

(1) Nodal officers to take net of any representation or demand of the staff side Association under the administrative purview of their Department. Nodal officers to ascertain the views/comments of the concerned office in the light of the representation/demands raised by the staff Association.

(2) In case, there is any need for consultation with the staff Association at the level of the Department, the same may be done as per the assessment of the Department.

(3) In case, the Department is of the view that any recommendation which are specifically related to their Department, need any modification, adequate justification in clear-cut terms should be brought out while sending the comments to the implementation cell

(4) In case of any modification, the extra financial implication (per annum) over the recommendations of the commission should be clearly indicated.

(5) If any modification is suggested approval of the Minster (of the concerned department should be obtained.

All the above formalities are to be completed within two weeks and proposal should be submitted to the implementation cell within two weeks i.e., before 16.02.2016.

(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General



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4 thoughts on “Ensure your Departments has taken the requisite action sought by 7th CPC implementation Cell : Confederation”

  1. Sir,
    Please include our Draftsman grade-I,II,III
    PAY LEVEL in implementation cell
    Because our department was partlly adopting the Board of Arbitration order 1984 , 1994 ,2001 and till date no ACP / MACP not giving. so please give a clear order/ instruction mention in 7CPC Draftsman no time bond scale has given by Govt.

    Thanking you sir

  2. Since Pension matters alone are controlled by Pension Grievances Cell, New Delhi,the better option is to approach the Appointing Authorities for adopting the New Pay Due…

  3. As far as Defence Account is concerned,we have an !!! Aadalat Cell!!! to take care of any losses in the next ten years,even after issue of implementation guidelines….Our concern is about Budgetory Support for implementation purposes…

  4. Sir,
    Please include our Technicians request for better
    PAYLEVEL in implementation cell
    Because in 7CPC Technical staffs are totally
    neglected even though Technician play a pivotal
    role in the maintenance of various assets over
    Indian Railway system. Technician are working in
    day and night in risk conditions for safe running
    of trains. All trains in Railways are running only
    in the view of technical staffs only. Request for A pay equal
    to grade pay is as
    1900gp for Helper Pay Level 2
    2800 gp for Tech lll Pay Level 5
    4200gp for Tech ll&l Pay Level 6
    4600gp for Sr.Tech Pay Level 7
    4800gp for JE Pay Level 8
    5400gp for SSE Pay Level 9
    It is helpful to the Technician working in Railways
    Technicians are expecting a better Pay Level in matrix of 7th CPC
    Thanking you sir

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