7th CPC Pay and Arrears Calculator and Allowances

7th CPC Pay and Arrears Calculator and Allowances

Revised rates of Allowances can be included in 7th Pay Commission Arrears calculation?

The Central Government employees know the fact from their past experience that the Allowances will not be given retrospective effect whenever it is got implemented. In Previous Pay Commissions, the increased amount in Allowances like HRA and TA will not be added in the Arrears because all the revised rates of Allowances are paid with effect from the date of Notification issued.

If the Notification issued on 1st July 2016, it is not sure whether the government  will implement the revised rate of Allowance from January 2016. The Central Staffs will be at loss of six Months Arrears in respect of revised rates of Allowances if it is implemented with effect from the date of issue of Notification. Difference in the Basic Pay alone will be paid as Arrears. Finally, the period of delay in issuing Notification will make the CG Employees lose their increased amount in Allowance for that particular period.

It is upto the bargaining power of Government and Federations that decides the effective date for payment of Revised Allowances

It is therefore, now the expectation of central government employees focused especially on date of Notification and amount of Arrears they will be getting after the implementation of 7th pay commission. They now started calculating the 7th pay commission arrears. Until now it is not clear that when will the notification be issued for implementation of pay panel report.

Now, it has passed three months already from 1st January 2016,  but no signs of issuing notification for implementation of 7th Pay Commission Recommendation. So gservants.com has come with a calculator to assist our Readers to calculate the 7th CPC Pay and Arrears for the past three months from January to March 2016. Click the Link Below to visit the Calculator.

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3 thoughts on “7th CPC Pay and Arrears Calculator and Allowances”

  1. br. bhardwaj

    GOVT. employee has aid the in-com tax in direct pay to govt but you know that all govt employee pay the tax of all purchase items like clothing food items and etc but when the pay tax in all time so if tax will be recover from pay i rquest to govt tax only be allow the main pay but not in da rqst to clearify this matter.

  2. Venkatesalu Naidu

    sir, It is a good thought and this should be welcomed by all concerned and put into order of execution,

  3. Kishore Kumar

    A Govt. employee is salaried with pay and perks and drawing salary with a relaxation of Rs.100,000/- for living expenditure and Rs.150,000/- as deposit in funds etc. Total Rs.250,000/-for a financial year. The remaining amount of salary is being given by deducting income tax on hole amount and cess etc. My question is that:
    1. A govt. civil servant is paying his tax to the nation on his/her salary.
    2. He is again and again and every time paying tax on his purchases of commodities, services, Child education and so on.
    3. The Defence personal are availing relaxation on purchases, services which is praiseable and thanks to the committee who prepared the rules for this community.
    4. The Civil Servants are being not granted any facility on their white money drawn as salary.
    Please consider this aspect because every civil servant is paying tax time and again at every door on the paid tax white salary money which he/she had drawn to lead his/her family life. and the same may be extended in large scale to facilitate the civil servants/defence personnels.
    Thanking you.

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