7th CPC Salary Calculator as per Gazette Notification

7th CPC Salary Calculator as per Gazette Notification
7th CPC Salary Calculator as per Gazette Notification

Updated 7th CPC Salary Calculator as per Gazette Notification

The 7th CPC salary and Arrears calculator is updated after Gazette Notification. The Central Govt constituted a committee to examine Allowances. And the committee will be given four-month time to submit its report.

So the Central Government will Revise only the Basic Pay on account of implementation of 7th Pay Commission. So HRA and TA and other allowances will be paid as per Sixth CPC rates until the committee submit its decision on Allowances. So 7th CPC salary will have increase in Basic Pay only.

The 7th CPC Salary Calculator is updated to calculate Basic Pay in 7th CPC Pay Scale and allowances in Sixth CPC Pay Scale and Arrears upto July 2016

Note : Refer the Finance Ministry Report on implementation of 7th CPC recommendation ps11

[Disclaimer : This 7th CPC Salary Calculator is provided here only for informative purpose only. It should not be construed as authoritative]

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10 thoughts on “7th CPC Salary Calculator as per Gazette Notification”

  1. parshotam vohra

    What is the status of approving option one for pensioners retired before

  2. Sir,
    Thanks for response on my pay fixation on increment which was asked by me few days back.

  3. Sir,
    I want to know about the pay fixation when promoted to next level on 1st July then, how the pay of the employee will fixed. Suppose I am presently getting basic pay Rs. 80900 in level 11 & increment due on 1st July also and get promotion to next level 12 on 1st July 2017. What will be my basic in level 12?

  4. Yoganand Ramu

    Please clarify me whether this pay revision will be implemented for Reserve Bank of India Pensioners ?

  5. Barin Chatterjee

    At the moment I am in USA and not able to get any information required for knowing the present pay. My Bank is State Bank of India Bagmari Branch. My age is nearing 76. I left Kolkata on 16 March,2016 and returning on 12 Sept,2016. My last Pension cheque received amounted Rs.36,000+ 2100 was to have been given w.e.f January as DA.
    Can I get the final amount to be received now ,w.ef January,2016?

  6. Whatever the amount you received in in Sixth CPC in respect of HRA and TA and other allowances if any ,will be continued till the Committee decides on Allowances. As of now Basic Pay only will be revised on account of 7th CPC implementation.


    Please clarify that other allowances will be remain as 6cpc means what?. That is HRA 10% on 7cpc basic or HRA claimed in 6cpc?

  8. subramanyam

    What a great gimmick….., so …govt told indirectly There will be no more considerations in basic, okay .. but we are joined in govt job at the age of 40, with 5200-1900, but our family requirements are high, Because of late joining, due to ban on recruitment, so what about us

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