Government assures NJCA that the 7th CPC Pay Scale and other issues will be considered

Government assures NJCA that the 7th CPC Pay Scale and other issues will be considered

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Government of India
Ministry of Finance

Government assures Representatives of Unions representing employees of the Central Government that the issues raised by them relating to the pay scales and other recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission would be considered by a High Level Committee

Representatives of Unions representing employees of the Central Government had met the Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh, the Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley and the Minister for Railways Sh. Suresh Prabhu in the evening of 30th June, 2016.

They had requested that certain issues raised by them in relation to the pay scales and other recommendations of the Pay Commission be allowed to be raised before a Committee of Secretaries looking into different aspects of grievances of employees in relation to the Pay Commission recommendations.

The Ministers assured the Union leaders that the issues raised by them would be considered by a High Level Committee.

Source : PIB

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7 thoughts on “Government assures NJCA that the 7th CPC Pay Scale and other issues will be considered”

  1. U. Venkateswarlu

    Dear comrades,

    Please retain the minimum pay scales as in 7th cpc up to grade pay 7600/-. whereas for grade pays from 8700 and above the fitment formula should be changed to 2.25 instead of 2.57 because these people have enjoyed huge salary hike in 6th cpc and so no need to give 2.57/2.62/2.67 fitment formula. Please do not fight for hike in 18000/- because it will apply to the new recruitment only and where as for the existing staff, we will fight for upgradation and hence for up to the grade pay 7600, the fitment formula should be 3.0 for 1 year exp. 3.2 for 2 yrs exp, 3.4 for 3 yrs exp, 3.5 for 4 yrs exp, 3.6 for 5 yrs and above exp.

  2. Rajendra Kumar Patnaik

    Being a Postal employee I cannot forget the result of 14 days strike.We have no confidence on the leaders who call the strike but betray the workers,reason best known to them.What more we expect from those leaders who sit over our head at the time of strike and do not know what they discuss in the closed door.

  3. Sgt OP Ojha

    Sir, Good morning to the Members of all the Exservimens Association.I have strong view that’s all SNCO’ S during Services held the Post of SNCO In charge of respective Sections, used to dinning and lodging in SNCO’ S Mess through service. Treatment part used to get in different wards of services hospital. It was as a part of services discipline. It is my surprise the cards issued By Echs in General Categories. This systems to be revert, as such whenever A Sergeant go to hospitalisation in empenalled hospitals. There there there there’s they are put in general wards. It is disgraceful to put them in general wards.
    Its is my humble request to all the exservimens Associations to take up the issue with Government to upgrade the status at least treatment part. This will boost up the SNCO’ S serving as well as Retired Too.
    With Regards
    Sgt Dr OP Ojha

  4. P.K.Sukumaran

    Committee & Committee and Committees – Wow – what a strategy by Govt and unions ! It seems both are playing some drama since the present govt is not at all in favour of Central Govt Servants . They could not give what they offered before Elections ( No offered reduction of IT limits for Employees) and the 7th CPC is found to be the lowest beneficial factor to Central Govt Servants which may be manipulated / doctored before the formation of the CPC !?. Any CPC the main beneficiary will be the IAS lobby and after their distributions the remains used to distribute to others . Even the 6th CPC also made some tricks as 3 MACP were widely publicized and the benefit of NFU to higher groups exposed very later !?. It is requested that any benefits may be distributed to all which is common justice .

  5. union leaders common guys don’t be in trap of modi mayaajal nothing will be considered it’s just a eye wash so fight is the only way to get our rewards.

  6. smahaboobbasha

    The govt & committee members to keep in mind before taking any decision about the welfare of central govt.employees who are running soldiers ,secretories,workers babus etc.The Indira Gandhi , the powerful leader betrayed one group of railway employees in 1974 general strike ,that was also small reason though not mentined in the history her political career was set back in 1977. Request Govt& commitees dont betray employees . Kindly try to work & take decision frankly like sri krishna committe and gain good will of people.Save the dignity of govt &govt employees.Don’t compare them with any body.The pay commission to be implemented, if any employee retired after 1-1-16 Gratuity areares and other arrears to be given certainly from 1-1-16.Don’t try to cheat the employees with unnessasary delay.Actually speaking to announce fitment 4 months are not necessary. Leaders don’t fall in the trap of politicians.with regards to all.

  7. minimum wages and fitmemt factor both are not mentioned in this statement . NJCA is playing game. i have never seen unions in such situation ; so poor

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