NJCA says No to implementation of 7th CPC, until Govt increase the Minimum Pay and Fitment Factor

NJCA says No to implementation of 7th CPC, until Govt increase the Minimum Pay and Fitment Factor.

The NJCA will be meeting today to decide the future course of action on Indefinite Strike and Government decision on implementation of 7th Pay commission recommendation. The Leaders of NJCA are so discontented with Government’s unilateral decision on implementing 7th Pay Commission.

The Leaders told, “Just Rs.2250 hike recommended in 7th CPC minimum pay has been hyped by Govt and Media as multi folded increase is given to CG Employees in 7th Pay Commission. They obviously tried to create a false public opinion that the CG employees are overpaid. It is totally irrelevant and wrong news being publicized excessively by the Government and Media”.

They further told that arriving Minimum Pay need to be justified by Dr. Akhroyd Formula and 15th ILC norms. But this Rs.18000/- minimum pay recommended by 7th pay Commission is not at par with the Minimum wage to be paid to meet the living standard prescribed by WHO or by Dr. Akhroyd Formula and 15th ILC Principles.

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It is said that when NJCA Leaders met the Group of Ministers on 30th June 2016, they actually conveyed their views to GOM to postpone the implementation of 7th Pay Commission until negotiated settlement is arrived at the issue of Minimum Wage and Fitment factor. Because they feel that if recommendations of 7th pay commission are implemented without any increase, it would be difficult to force or convince the Government to revise the Minimum Pay after implementation

It seems that the Central Government Employees and their Federations won’t compromise on this Minimum Wage and Fitment factor issue.

Since the Leaders of NJCA are meeting today (6th July 2016) at 11:00 hrs., in JCM Office at New Delhi, the expectations are at high to know the recent development in implementation of 7th CPC recommendations and of course about Indefinite Strike also.

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4 thoughts on “NJCA says No to implementation of 7th CPC, until Govt increase the Minimum Pay and Fitment Factor”

  1. Mukesh Behari Mathur

    It appears that the govt.wants to linger on the process of implementation of 7th cpc.by appointing afresh committee to examine further.

  2. R S Krishnan

    It is the deliberate attempt by the government to delay the implementation of the 7th CPC recommendations. It is fully aware that what is just to the government servants. Now everything will be pushed to committees which will help them delay implementation and save on delayed implementation of allowances.

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