NCJCM insists FM that two options for fixation of Pension in 7th CPC should be allowed

NCJCM insists FM that two options for fixation of Pension in 7th CPC should be allowed

National Council (Staff Side)
Joint Consultative Machinery
For Central Government Employees
13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi-110001


Dated: July 16,2016

Hon’ble Finance Minister,
Ministry of Finance
(Govt of India )
North Block
New Delhi

Respected Sir,

Sub: Revision of Pension

This issue of acceptance of Option-I (or) II was discussed with your good self at the residence of Hon’ble Home Minister (Government of India), Wherein Hon’ble Minister for Railways and Hon’ble MOSR were present, by the Staff Side National Council (JCM). You had categorically agreed on our demand that, no dilution would be made in the options given to the Pensioners by the VII CPC. It is unfortunate that, a rider, “subject to feasibility”, has been imposed in Option-I.

Sir, this is very unfair and we will appreciate if you kindly get the sentence “subject to feasibility” removed from that para to keep your promise also. It should be left to the Pensioners that whatsoever option they want to choose, they should be allowed to Opt. The argument of non-availability of record is misleading and should not be given any cognizance because PPOs of the Pensioners are the base record and is available with the organizations concerned.

We earnestly seek your urgent intervention in this regard to avoid unnecessary hardship to millions of Pensioners.

With Kind Regards!

Sincerely yours,

Secretary(Staff Side)


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1 thought on “NCJCM insists FM that two options for fixation of Pension in 7th CPC should be allowed”

  1. Dr.M.Jauhari

    Both the options should be allowed.I retired 20 years back but I have with me all the data to claim my increments.There may be some very old cases where this data may not be readily available but it can always be retrieved/reconstructed from old service records.It will be unfair and unjust to deny this option to a vast majority of pensioners whose pension will substantially rise if this option is implemented.Is the Govt. trying to save money by putting a question mark on this option? In certain Pay Levels in the Pay Matrix, the 2.57 formula results in a pension which is less than the 50% of the minimum pay of that Level. Pre 2006 pensioners will suffer the most if the Govt. does not approve this option. It is a parallel of OROP given to Armed Forces.I am sure good sense will prevail and the Govt. will not disappoint the old pensioners. They should also seriously consider decreasing the age for additional pension to 75 years as recommended by Dept. of Pension but opposed By Defence

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