7th Pay Commission Minimum Wage and Fitment Factor – NCJCM writes to Cabinet Secretary

Minimum Wage and Fitment Factor

No.NC/JCM/7th CPC/2016

Dated: 28th July 2016

The Cabinet Secretary,
Government of India,
Rashtrapati Bhawan Annexie,
New Delhi

Respected Sir,

We wish to invite your kind attention towards the discussion we had on 30.06.2016 at the residence of Hon’ble Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh, wherein Hon’ble Minister for Finance, Shri Arun Jaitley, Hon’ble Minister for Railways, Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, and Hon’ble Minister of State for Railways, Shri Manoj Sinha, were present, wherein it was assured to the representatives of the NJCA that the issues pertaining to Minimum Wage and Fitment Multiplication Factor would be referred to a “High Level Committee” to review the same.

It is a matter of concern that, despite elapsing a pretty long time, nothing has been heard in this regard from the Government of India, which is leading to serious resentment amongst the Central Government Employees.

In the background of issuance of the Notification by the Government of India on 26.07.2016 to give effect to the recommendations of the 7th CPC as per 29th June, 2016 Cabinet decision, we request you to expedite action for setting up the proposed “High Level Committee” to review Minimum Wage and Fitment Multiplication Factor as was promised in the 30th June, 2016 meeting and also in the subsequent meeting of 6th July, 2016 with the Hon’ble Home Minister(Government of India), which paved way for deferment of “Indefinite strike” which was proposed to be held from 11th July 2016.

It would be highly appreciated if necessary orders are issued for setting up the said committee without further delay to resolve these issues in a quick way.

With Kind Regards!
Sincerely yours,

Secretary(Staff Side)

Source : NCJCM

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9 thoughts on “7th Pay Commission Minimum Wage and Fitment Factor – NCJCM writes to Cabinet Secretary”

  1. Mr. Mishra in the history of employees union everything was always settled before the issuance of notifications for implementing the pay commission report.
    Now you are behaving like a weeping widow either begging before cabinet secretary or rajnath singh.
    In fact you are attempting to show before employees that you are dosing something though futile exercise to befool .

  2. On one morning employees may see a letter from Mr. Mishra addressed to.N**** asking him to press rajnath singh to honour his assurance about minimum wage and fitment factor.
    Remember was there any statement from rajnath singh about any assurance.

  3. I would also like to draw attention to newly recommended CGEGIS…

    CGEGIS related observation – Compulsary Deduction of Insurance Premium is much higher than various available schemes.

    As per the chapter 9.3 of 7th pay commission there is recommendation of deduction for Savings Fund and Group Life Insurance of employees.

    Let us interpret commission recommendations  by takin example for level 6 to 9 employees –

    Employee must have to contribute Rs. 2500 per month. 75 % part (i.e. Rs.1875) will be utilised for Savings Fund and remaining 25 % (i.e. Rs. 625) will utilised for Group Life insurance of 25 lac. That means yearly 625 x 12 = 7500 Rs. will be taken out from employees pocket for Group Life Insurance purpose.

    Here the insurance coverage will be till Age of retirement (i.e. 58 years in most employees).

    Let’s compare this Government provide Group Insurance scheme with Currently available Individual Life insurance scheme from Private sector.

    Aegon Religare insurance company is happily providing Individual life insurance cover of Rs. 85 lac till Age of 75 years in the annual premium of Rs. 7500. One can clearly understand that Benifit considered by Government through Group insurance scheme is far behind to available advantages in market in Terms of Insurance Coverage, Age of Coverage.

    So here to say that recommendation of Pay commission is lacking competitive life insurance schemes available by various insurance company.

    I think if Government wants to consider better advantage to its employees then life coverage to be made at least  2.5 times. Otherwise Government should stop deducting insurance amount from employees salary. Employee can himself buy a far better policy Individually which Govt fails to buy in Group.


    Where is pension and family pension ? Do you have remember of 52 lakh family of pensioners. They are eagerly waiting.

  5. Purushottam Regmi

    Great! These leaders differed july 11 strike as they got assurance from cabinet ministers.Now you begging by writing letters. Wah kya drama hey!

  6. Sudesan Narayanan

    What is the use of writing to cabinet secretary for more benefits at this stage when Govt already decided on 7 CPC and implimentaion letter is out. This is an eye wash by NJCA to fool his cadre.

  7. Both the Government and the Employees and Pensioners’ Organizations are totally silent on PENSION REVISION . WHY ? WHY ?? WHY ???

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