7th CPC Pension – Separate orders for who retired/died on or after 01.01.2016

7th CPC Pension

The Government’s decision on the recommendations of Seventh Central Pay Commission, sanction of the President is hereby accorded to the regulation, with effect from 01.01.2016, of pension/ family pension of all the pre-2016 pensioners/ family pensioners in the manner indicated in the succeeding paragraphs. Separate orders are being issued in respect of employees who retired/died on or after 01.01.2016.

Authority: http://www.pensionersportal.gov.in/

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1 thought on “7th CPC Pension – Separate orders for who retired/died on or after 01.01.2016”

  1. Recently, when Doctors services was extended for 5 years, the orders are effective from 31st May 2016. Why 31st was taken as a criteria is those who are having date of birth 01/06/2016, they will retire on 31/5/2016 similarly those are having date of birth from 2nd to 31st of May also will retire on 31/5/2016, to protect and extend natural justice, Government issued notification wef 31st May, 2016 for extending 5 years service to Doctors.

    Similarly, in a same principle, Central Pay Commission Recommendations are also shall be applied wef 31st Dec.2015, so that the employees who served in the Government, their legitimate and genuine issue could have protected. Why because, he served all the ten years till 31st Dec. 2015. By virtue of having date of birth 01/01/1956, he was forced to retire on 31st Dec.2015 with out a single paisa benefit in retirement benefits i.e. revision of Gratuity, commutation value of pension and leave encashment due to affect 7th CPC. (Employees who are having date of birth 2nd Dec. to 31st Dec. are also retire on 31st Dec.2015.

    Hence, requested, Government / public authorities shall consider this matter, 7th CPC shall be made applicable from 31st Dec. 2015 to meet the natural justice.

    JVSR Krishna
    [email protected]

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