Notification for Revising Pension in 7th CPC will be issued soon

The notification for revising Pension benefits in Sixth CPC had been issued on the same day of the Gazette Notification issued for revising the Pay and Allowances of Serving employees.

Resolution for Revising Pension

The Sixth CPC had submitted its Report on 24 th March 2008 and exactly after five months, the Central Government issued Notification for Implementation of Sixth CPC report on 29-8- 2008. The same day Resolution for Revising Pension had also been issued by Department of Pension.

When Gazette Notification for implementation of 7 th Pay Commission Recommendation published on 25 July 2016, it was expected that the Notification for Revising Pension in 7 th CPC would also be published. But unexpectedly, on 25 th July 2016, there was no such Resolution or notification issued for revising Pension as per 7 th CPC recommendation.

It is very difficult to understand the reason behind the delay in issuing Resolution for Revising Pension. The Press Note titled ‘Cabinet Decisions on implementation of the recommendation of 7 th Pay Commission’ issued by Ministry Finance states

“ The general recommendations of the Commission on pension and related benefits have been approved by the Cabinet. Both the options recommended by the Commission as regards pension revision have been accepted subject to feasibility of their implementation. Revision of pension using the second option based on fitment factor of 2.57 shall be implemented immediately. A Committee is being constituted to address the implementation issues anticipated in the first formulation. The first formulation may be made applicable if its implementation is found feasible after examination by proposed Committee which is to submit its Report within 4 months.”

It has been clearly stated in the Cabinet Decisions that “Revision of pension using the second option based on fitment factor of 2.57 shall be implemented immediately”

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3 thoughts on “Notification for Revising Pension in 7th CPC will be issued soon”

  1. v.s.sampath I.D.S.E.retired Qs&C

    Issue of stagnation increments stagnating for more than 12 months as per2012order for 2005 October retired officers should be clarified along with family planning increase.

  2. Chandrakumar S

    The Secretary level committee wasted 7 months to conclude that Option 1 is not feasible. After cabinet clearance to provisionally fix pension under option 2 the Department is dragging it’s feet unnecessarily.


    Thanks for thinking about pensioners. You have explained in detailed about the reason of non willingness of govt. for revisions of pension following the 7th cpc recommendations. Most astonishing matter is when 7th cpc as well as cabinet approved the revision of pay and pension at a time. But at the time of implementation , only pay of serving employees order issued.Pensioners order found silent.Whether pensioners have no value now ? When most of the pensioners have spent their life for government service and for country.

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