7th CPC HRA Arrears Calculator upto September 2016

7th CPC HRA Arrears Calculator

7th CPC HRA Arrears calculator is provided below to Calculate the HRA in 7th CPC from 1.1.2016. It needs to be paid to CG staff, if the Central government accept the NCJCM genuine demand to grant HRA at old rates in revised Pay Scale.

The NCJCM has demanded again in the Meeting held with Allowance Committee to recommend HRA at the rate of 10%,20% and 30 Percent as it was in Sixth CPC. According to various sources, the Government may accept the report of the Committee on Allowance in respect of House Rent Allowance. Further, the National Council JCM Staff Side has reiterated that the Allowance should be made effect from 1.1.2016. if it is implemented with retrospective effect, arrears for HRA @ 10%, 20% and 30% in 7th CPC from 1.1.2016 has to be paid to CG employees.

Enter your Sixth CPC Pay as on 1.1.2016 in the 7th CPC HRA Arrears calculator provided below. It will calculate the HRA at three slabs and the number of Arrears to be Paid from January 2016 to till date

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