DA from July 2016 in 7th pay Commission is 2% or 3%

DA from July 2016 in 7th pay Commission is 2% or 3% is yet to be confirmed

It seems that the DA from July 2016 in 7th Pay Commission is not yet finalized by Central Government. There is confusion persists on the rate of Dearness Allowance to be paid from 1st July 2016 in revised Pay . The AICPIN average for the year 2015 to be taken as Base Index for calculation of DA in 7th CPC as the DA has been neutralized to arrive the revised Pay.

The actual AICPIN Average for 2015 is 261.33. As per this AICPIN average, the DA to be paid at the rate of 2% from July 2016 in 7th CPC . But the NCJCM has contended that it should be paid at the rate of 3%. [ Read NCJCM Staff Side Letter to Finance Ministry ]

The NCJCM staff side said that as per the practice of fraction is being ignored, 0.75 is ignored from actual DA 125.75 as on 1st January 2016. Since the 125% DA was merged to revise the 7th CPC pay, Accordingly, the AICPIN average of 2015 has to be revised to 260.46 from 261.33 to arrive the exact rate of DA of 125% .

It is obvious that the NCJCM Staff Sides claim has sufficient merits to be considered favorably by the Government. In that case, the DA to be paid from July 2016 will be 3%.

The NCJCM Staff Side should be appreciated for this timely intervention and effort.

The central Government need to take decision in this regard soon, as it has been passed third week of September. Usually the announcement of DA for July every year will be made in the first or second week of September.

Calculator for Expected DA from January 2017

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1 thought on “DA from July 2016 in 7th pay Commission is 2% or 3%”

  1. Let know weather the committee set up the of India about further increase of pension and salary fitment from2.57 to 2.86.as suggested by the previous three high power cmmittee.Due to fault of JCM. Leaders who postponed General strike from 1.9.2016.but govt totally ignored the JCM staff side demand .In 6th pay commission the last Govt hiked pay 20 percentage where as the present Govt decrease to 14percentage.Now the question of D.A. from July 2016.Now the Govt itself prepare to announce 1or2percentage .why the Govt playing very dirty police with Central Govt employees.

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