CG Staff expect the Govt to Pay the 7th CPC Allowance soon

Payment of Allowances in Revised pay may satisfy the Government Staff

It is believed that Payment of Allowances in Revised pay may at least satisfy the Government Staff, despite the fact that the Pay Hike is not sufficient.7th CPC Allowances

Bapus are annoyed about the inordinate delay in announcing Allowances. Talks are doing rounds that the government is deliberately playing the delaying tactics to make the CG Staff to accept the decisions of Allowance Committee.

Central Staff upset with Pay Hike

Already the Central Government Staff are very much upset with Pay Hike recommended for next Ten Long years. They in fact are not happy about the Arrears paid to them. Though the Govt has defended that the Pay Revision arrears will not be as high as in previous Pay Commission, because Arrears for couple of years had been paid in previous Pay Commission. But this time Pay Revision took place within seven months from the due date. So obviously the Pay Revision Arrears will be lesser than previous Pay Commission.

Though a Committee was formed to review the Minimum Pay and Fitment Factor, it is believed that it was wrapped up already. But the federations are Optimistic. They expect somehow the Committee will help them to pacify the Govt Servants on this particular issue.

But nonpayment of Allowances in revised Pay will certainly axe the feel good factor in Central Government Offices. They are started losing patience over it and expect the government to announce it soon. Because the take home pay after pay revision is unbelievably very low comparing to the previous Pay commission. The Central government should not reduce the rate of Allowances and it should be implemented with effect from 1.1.2016

Unnecessary Delay in Announcing DA for July 2016 installment

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2 thoughts on “CG Staff expect the Govt to Pay the 7th CPC Allowance soon”

  1. v.s.sampath I.D.S.E.retired Qs&C

    Before accepting the allowances committee recommendations options for fixing basic pay must be accepted based on the increments before retirement.

  2. KP Krishnan Kutty

    Central govt.employees will neve get a single paise more than what they are getting now as basic pay. The committee formed to examine the minimum pay and fitment factor is just an eye wash bacause the committee will prepare their report only as per directive given by the finance minister. You may recall the former union home minister Shri. Indrajith Gupta who played a vital role in giving 40 % fitment in 5th CPC. Shri. Guptha was a common man where as Arun Jaitley is a corporate man and anti- middle/common class.

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