MACP is not a New Scheme- NFIR Condemns the Media and Govt

MACP is not a New Scheme- NFIR Condemns the Media and Govt

When the ACP and MACP is existing from 5th and Sixth CPC, the Government and Media has try to claim that this is a new scheme recommended by 7th Pay Commission and it was accepted by the Government. NFIR came on heavily to condemn this propaganda by the Media and Government and said the Govt has deceived the Central government employees in respect of MACP

National Federation of Indian Railways
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Reacting to the news item appearing in ‘The Hindu’ of 04th October 2016 relating to the acceptance of the recommendation of 7th Central Pay Commission on Modified Assured Career Progress Scheme (MACPS) and the DoP&T OM dated 27th/28th September 2016, the General Secretary said that while the Government has wrongly accepted the recommendation, at the same time has been spreading wrong news through the media. He said that the Scheme has been existing since 1st September 2008 and is not a new scheme as claimed by the Government.

Dr.Raghavaiah further said that while accepting the 7th CPC recommendations relating to the MACP Scheme for Central Government employees, the Government has totally ignored the agreement reached with the JCM (Staff Side) on 17/07/2012 and 27/07/2012 in the Joint Committee and National Advisory Committee Meetings wherein agreement was reached to maintain the same benchmark as is applicable for filling the vacancies through promotion by selection/non-selection/fitness instead of insisting upon the benchmark ‘Very Good’ recommended by the 6th Central Pay Commission. Thereafter, the DoP&T vide OM dated 01st November 2010 and 04th October 2012 issued necessary instructions for granting MACP to the Central Government employees.

The Federation takes note that the Government while accepting the 7th CPC recommendations relating to financial upgradation under MACP Scheme to its employees has again taken U-turn and had once again fixed the benchmark ‘Very Good’ arbitrarily for granting financial upgradation mainly to deny the legitimate benefit to its employees without any dialogue with JCM (Staff Side) – the machinery setup to deal with the issues of Central Government employees which is totally unjustified.

The Federation strongly opposes the move of the Government for which communications have already been sent by the Federation twice to the Cabinet Secretary on 2nd August and 23rd August 2016 to respect the bilateral agreement reached with the JCM (Staff Side) and restore the decision given vide DoP&T OM dated 01/ll/20l0 and 04/10/2012 without making any change on the settled issue.

The General Secretary, NFIR hopes that the Government would consider the above points and rectify the mistake soon duly restoring the earlier instructions of DoP&T to honor the commitment made to the Staff Side.

04th October 2016

(Dr. M.Raghavaiah)
General Secretary

Source: NFIR

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1 thought on “MACP is not a New Scheme- NFIR Condemns the Media and Govt”

  1. Dr. M.RaghavaiahSir, it is pity to read your letter to govt regarding MACP bench mark only but coolly avoiding very basic issue of grant of MACP in promotional hierarchy which had ruined carrier of large numbers of group C & B employees. None employee of group A service had been adversely affected by present scheme of MACP and proved bonanza to this group employees only. All associations had failed group C & B employees on this issue. I fail to understand why our representatives had been so unsympathetic to issue of these marginalized group C & B employees. I hope at least our so energetic representatives could have forced govt to give these less fortunate employees to have option between ACP and MACP. If MACP is improved, more beneficial scheme than ACP then why govt can’t allow employees to have option to choose less beneficiary scheme i.e. ACP.

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