Confusion Continues in Promotion Option Cases after the Finance Ministry order

Ministry of finance has issued an Office Memorandum regarding Revising Promotion Option under FR 22(1) (a). But Confusion Continues in Promotion Option Cases after the Finance Ministry order

What is the difference between Exercising Option for Pay revision and Pay fixation ?

There should not be any misunderstanding between Exercising Option for Pay Revision under CCS (RP) Rules 2016 and Exercising option for Pay Fixation for Promotion/MACP under FR 22(1)(a)

As per the provisions of FR 22 (l) (a) the Government servants have the option, to be exercised within one month from the date of promotion, to have the pay fixed under this rule from the date of such promotion or from the date of next increment.

Some of the employees  promoted between 01.01.2016 and 25.7.2016 had opted for their pay fixation on promotion/financial up-gradation under MACPS from the date of their next increment in the lower grade. Consequent upon notification of CCS CRP) Rules, 2016 i.e 25th July, 2016. the option submitted by such employees has now turned out to be disadvantageous.

In some Department the Employees Promoted between 01-01-2016 and 25-7-2016 are allowed to exercise their Option to revise their Pay from the Date of Next increment i.e 1st July 2016.

But As per the provisos to CCS (RP) Rules 2016, they should not have been allowed to give option to revise their Pay beyond their date of Promotion, Since it has been stated in CCS (RP) Rules 2016 under Rule No.5

See The Rule Position 

Now the Ministry of Finance issued an OM which says…

“Under the changed circumstances after notification of CCS (RP) Rules. 2016. the employee may be allowed to exercise revised option for fixation of pay under FR 22(I)(a)(I). Such revised option shall be exercised within one month of issue of this OM Option so revised, shall be final”

After this Clarification there is some confusion among Government servants those who got Promotion between 01-01-2016 and 25-7-2016 regarding how their Pay will be fixed…?

How the Pay Revision will be done with Promotion Pay fixation ?

1. What is the status of Employees promoted between 01.01.2016 and 25.7.2016 and opted to Revise their pay on Date of Next Increment i.e 1.7.2016 ?

i. Would they be asked to revise their option under FR 22(1)(a) ?

ii. The option Exercised under the provisos to rule 5 of CCS (RP) Rules 2016 also to be revised again…?

iii. If one opt to fix the pay on Date of Promotion under FR 22(1)(a) and Opt to revise the pay on date of Promotion under Revised Pay Rules 2016, how the Pay will be fixed…?

The Concerned Departments / Federations may take up this issue to appropriate level for necessary clarification to clear the doubts of central government Employees

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5 thoughts on “Confusion Continues in Promotion Option Cases after the Finance Ministry order”

  1. If I have opted pay revision on the date of promotion (Feb 2017) which was implemented , if now i want to change the option to revision of pay on increment date, whether it is possible to revise the option now. please clarify

  2. After Promotion your pay will be fixed in Pay matrix at Level 5 & Index 6 ( Annual Increment is not taken into account)

  3. Shiv Shankar Mondal

    As per 7th cpc my Matrix level is 4 & index is 8 (after revised). My query is that, what will be my pay level and index after getting a promotion? As per 6th CPC, now my basic is 11860/- including GP 2400.

  4. Mohammed Asharf Ali.N

    In our Office one staff who got promotion in the same pay level ,how will be his pay to be fixed.whether he get one increment benefits
    (Pay level-04)

  5. Rekha kaushik

    In the 6 th pay commission who were in the same pay equal. Basic and grade pay now have approx 5000 difference whose map was in 2016 the got more basic our map was in Feb 2017. As there is video difference in fixation before notification of 25.7.2016.and after map from 2800 to 4200.due to which I m very depress ( same pay and same work) and so much difference please see the matter

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