CPAO Clarification over Revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners

Clarification over Revision of pension-Implementation of Government’s decisions on the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission-Revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners etc

NEW DELHI-110066

CPAO/1T&Tech/Revision 17th CPC/19.v01-V/2015-16/149

10th October 2016

Office Memorandum

Subject: Implementation of Government’s decisions on the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission-Revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners etc.

A reference is invited to para 2.1 of Deptt. of P&PW 0M No. 38/37/2016-P&PW (A) (ii)dated 04.08.2016 wherein it has clearly been stated that these orders shall apply to all pensioners/ family pensioners who were drawing pension/ family pension before 1.1.2016 under the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules,1972, Central Civil Services (Extraordinary Pension) Rules and the corresponding rules applicable to Railway pensioners and pensioners of All India Services, including officers of the Indian Civil Service retired from service On or after 1.1.1973″,

2. Further, para 9 of the aforesaid 0M states that “All Pension Disbursing Authorities including Public Sector Banks handling disbursement of pension to the Central Government pensioners have been authorized to pay pension/family pension to existing pensioners/ family pensioners at the revised rates without any further authorization from the concerned Accounts Officers/Head of Office etc”. CPAO has also clarified vide point No.9 Of
its clarification issued to the banks at Annexure-Il of its communication number CPAO/IT& Tech/ Revision (7th CPC)/19 dated-30.08.2016

3. However, complaints from All India Service Pensioners, who are drawing their pension through State Governments, are being received in CPAO that the banks have not revised their pensions for want of any instruction from respective AGs/ Designated Authorities.

4. Keeping in view the grievances of AIS pensioners, banks are advised to comply with the instructions of para 9 of DP&PW 0M dated-04.08.2016 and make payment to AIS pensioners immediately.

This issues with the approval of Chief Controller (Pensions).

(Vijay Singh)
Sr. Accounts Officer(IT & TECH)

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5 thoughts on “CPAO Clarification over Revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners”

  1. P Sambasiva Rao

    For the PSU absorbed pensioners, whose full pension has been restored by DPPW vide their OM dt. 23/6/2017, CPAO could have clarified its OM dt. 21/7/2017 that the OMs dt. 12/5/2017 and 6/7/2017 of DPPW are applicable for revision/ restoration of full pension under 7 th cpc. In the absence of such clarity, PAOs have processed the cases of absorbee pensioners at 2.57 times under 7 th cpc instead of as per OMs dt. 12/5/2017 & 6/7/2017 and CPAO has returned all such cases back to PAOs after keeping with them for about a month. With the result , the cases of revision/ restoration of absorbee pensioners are moving back and forth between PAO and CPAO, eating away the valuable time of the aged pensioners at the fag end of their lives. Honourable Supreme Court delivered justice to these pensioners on 1/9/2016 after fighting for a quarter century in various courts and even after 3 months of issuing OM dt. 23/6/2017 by DPPW , things are moving at snail’ s pace and God knows whether some aged and sick pensioners would see the light of the day during their life time.

  2. To avoid inordinate delay to issue Revised Basic Pension Orders the concerned P.A.O of departments should be permitted to issue Revised Basic Pension Orders as per Departments data with service Books. My department forwarded the on 7.7.2017 to P.A.O Chennai but so far Revision of Basic Pension as per OM dated 12.5.2017. not received by me nor concerned Bank. In view of number of pensioners are more it may not possible to issue orders by cpao

  3. Shashikanthkumark

    Sir we not got 6th cpc 7%DA order and March 2017 one more DA also shortly coming. Running staffs are got7% DA. What about we the pensioner. NITK

  4. Sgt Dr OP Ojha

    The defence pensioners those Invailed out of Services with disability with remarks Not attributed NorAggribated By service”NANA”Orders By Supreme Court of India Dated 14-4-14.All the pensioners are To be paid disability pension from the date of invailed out/Release in lower medical category.what Is The discision taken by MOD and Fince Ministry.

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