Extend 7th CPC recommendation to Employees of Autonomous Bodies

Extend 7th CPC recommendation to Employees of Autonomous Bodies

Shiva Gopal Mishra

National Council (Staff Side)
Joint Consultative Machinery for Central Government Employees
13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi – 110001
E-mail : [email protected]

No.NC-JCM-2016/7th CPC

October 18, 2016

The Secretary,
Govt of India
Ministry of Finance,
Department of Expenditure,
North Block,
New Delhi – 110001

Subject: Extension of wage revision benefits arising from 7th CPC recommendation to employees of autonomous bodies set up by GOI – Reg.

Dear Sir,

The autonomous bodies set up by GOI normally follow the central pattern of Pay Scales and service conditions. The Ministry of Finance is to issue the requisite orders as and when pay commission recommendations are accepted and implemented in so far as Central Government Employees are concerned to extend the said benefit to employees of autonomous bodies. To give effect to 6th CPC recommendation, orders were issued on 30.09.2008. So far no order has been issued by the Govt extending the 7th CPC benefit to employees of autonomous bodies. We request that the same may please be expedited.

In respect of employees who are on permanent deputation to such autonomous bodies, the Revised Pay Rules, 2016 notified as GSR 721 (E) dated 25.07.2016 is applicable. However, it has been represented to us that some of the autonomous Bodies have not extended the benefit to the employees on deputation, probably due to an incorrect understanding of the issue.

We request that the autonomous bodies may be advised to implement the notification in the case of employees/officers on deputation to autonomous organization without waiting for a formal order from the Ministry of Finance.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,

(Shiva Gopal Mishra)

Source : NCJCM Staff Side

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11 thoughts on “Extend 7th CPC recommendation to Employees of Autonomous Bodies”

  1. it is unfortunate that 7thp ay commission recommendations are not extended so far most of staff wait even after one year for pay/pension revision hope will be attended at their earliest

  2. Pradeep Kumar Das

    Non performance of any Autonomous Institution depends upon the management or the authority of that Institution. But the Head of the Institution is enjoying their job happily while the employees face all sorts of problems. It is injustice to the employees.

  3. Finance ministry should issue orders for implementation of 7CPC at the earliest for all the autonomous bodies as they too contribute to the nation building and many of them are self sufficient .

  4. Hope the Central Govt. is of the opinion that the Autonomous bodies are with much autonomy and really involved in R&D activities for the progress of India. After assessment by Niti Ayog let us hope for a increased fitment formula of 7th cpc like the diffence deal.

  5. All the respected departments like IIT NIT CSIR AIIMS Are cover under autonomous bodies.This is the time for employees they known as non government employees.Non executive employees of autonomous bodies are celebrate festivals without adhoc bonus first time….this is very bad job by Govt of india BJP is behave like enemy of employees but we answered this party to next elections

  6. It was came to know that the central Govt. is monitoring the performance of the autonomous bodies. If they are not performing well, then Govt. is going to close. For this purpose Govt already constituted a committee and the report was submitted to Niti ayog. My dear comredes, please be ready to face any situation in future. I request the Govt. that if any autonomous organization is not performing upto the mark, then it is the responsibility of the management team and employees are not responsible. Instead of sending out the employees on compulsory retirement, please transfer the employees to other central govt. organization.

  7. The arrears of pension for the period 2006-15 also still due to many pensioners , after delinking of qualifying service, of autonomous bodies/boards under different ministries

  8. It is unfortunate that the central govt. wants to go for a review on the functioning of these bodies. Prestigious institutions like ICAR, ICMR, CSIR etc. are doing a wonderful job and contributing immensely to the national building activities. These, the autonomous bodies proved their mettle in various related fields and now govt. asking for a review by secretaries and Nitiayog whose credentials in these areas are doubtful will speak their careless attitude towards these institutions. BJP, and it’s leaders take-up the case of employees forcefully, when they are in opposition but they miserably fail to give any benefit to these sections while they are ruling. Hope good sense will prevail on the govt. and think positively at least now and implement 7 CPC in autonomous bodies. CSPSARMA.

  9. It is a gross injustice for the employees of Central Autonomous Bodies that the recommendations of the 7th CPC is not being extended to them. This has totally demoralised these employees who have been waiting for over 3 years. Since these employees are low in numbers, the unions also do not take up this matter with any seriousness.

  10. K, Vijay Kumar

    Shiva Gopal Mishra,


    Very grateful to you for taking up the case of Autonomous bodies. The Government is bent upon to disturb the peace of the staff and drive them to the path of agitation and strike by their actions of denying the rightful due to the employees. Already the Government has gained considerable displeasure of the staff in meddling with the 7 CPC before its recommendation. Let us hope the Government will extend the 7 CPC to Autonomous bodies without further delay.

  11. It’s my guess that this time the govt is deliberately delaying the notification for autonomous bodies. And when they declare they will not give any arrears.

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