Option 1 for 7th CPC Pension is Mercilessly Rejected – Confederation


Option 1 for 7th CPC Pension is Mercilessly Rejected

It is learnt that the Committee chaired by Secretary (Pension) has NOT recommended the Option Number – 1 recommended by 7th Central Pay Commission for fixation of pension of pre -2016 Pensioners. Instead it has recommended extension of the benefit of pension determination recommended by 5th CPC ie ; arriving at notional pay in 7th CPC by applying formula for pay revision for serving employees in each Pay Commission revision and consequent pension fixation.

Now the Implementation Cell of 7th CPC is studying the recommendations of Pension Committee for processing for submission for approval of Cabinet. Thus , the one and the only favourable recommendation of 7th CPC ie; the real parity in Pension which is also approved by Cabinet with a rider “subject to feasibility” is going to be mercilessly rejected by Government , inspite of repeated requests and demands from NJCA, Confederation and Pensioners Associations .

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4 thoughts on “Option 1 for 7th CPC Pension is Mercilessly Rejected – Confederation”

  1. The present union govt. is anti employees and pensioners please approach court of Law for Implementation of !st Option immediately. This Anti employees Govt. will fall in next elections, This govt. already cheated with appointing 5 members committee spent 18 months and done injustice.The entire Nation Be lived in all respects, Swiss Bank money, etc., I am Sure the CURSE OF PENSIONERS will be major effect. The U.P. A govt. also done major injustice to pensioners ,pension without increments/non implementing of 1.86 multiplication formula, and adopted 50% of revised 6th pay scales. I am Sure People of Nation will Change the Govt. by next Election.

  2. The problem can be resolved by allowing non functional upgradation to Pb4 and below grade pre2006 pensioners.

  3. The decision of Govt. will defeat very Matrix system approved in 7th Pay Commission.The picture of fair salary/Pension would be incomplete without taking length of service in a ategory/post contribution of his similarly placed fellow colleagues (generalists in Administration other than Scientists) at next level of hierarchy into account and their fitment table should fixed to a fair level . After all it’s a team management/work disparity, skills, individual and collective performance and adequate internal communication and collective bargaining on salary /Pension issues. It’s our right to ask real parity in Pension which was also approved by Cabinet should be approved at any cost. If the Govt. fails, the confederation must approach Court for suitable direction which I feel positive Judgment is sure on this issue. At any cost Option1 for 7th CPC should be got approved, It’s not a FAVOUR from Govt. It’s our right. (deferred payment of salary) Let us all fight unitedly & succeed, if Govt. turned down our geneuine right, let us approach Court

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