Both NFIR and AIRF walked out from DC JCM Meeting

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen


07.March, 2017

The General Secretaries of
Affiliated Unions of NFIR


Subject: Railway Board’s order dated 30.1.2017 curbing workers’ rights.

NFIR and AIRF walked out from DC JCM Meeting

In the DC/JCM meeting held on 7.3.2017, during Opening Address, both the Federations have taken a stand that the unconstitutional order dated 30.1.2017 preventing Safety (Supervisory) Staff from becoming Office bearers should be withdrawn by the Railway Board immediately to facilitate negotiations to resume.

The President, General Secretary, Working President etc. have conveyed their strong protest against the Board’s letter dated 30.1.2017.

The General Secretary/NFIR had stated that the Railway Board has betrayed the Federations and the Railway Board has equally failed on several counts on written commitments. notably:

a) Replacement of GP 4600 with 4800
b) Upgradation from Gr.C to Gr.B (Gaz.)
c) Allotment of GP 4600 to Loco (Mail)
d) Stepping up of pay of Loco Inspectors inducted prior to 1.1.2006
e) Arbitrary reversal of various decisions given in the past (as a result of agreements with the Federations) and without caring to consult federations.
f) Track Maintainers upgradation (written commitment of Board)

In light of Railway Board’s total failure, the Federation (NFIR) conveyed that it is not in a mood to participate in the negotiations of DC/JCM forum and at the same time demanded immediate withdrawal of Board’s order dated 30.1.2017, if the Railway Board sincerely feels that industrial relations are required to be preserved.

With the above observations in the DC/JCM meeting, the leaders left the meeting place. Both the Federations have jointly walked away from the meeting.

Please convey to all employees the above development, as the Railway Board’s order is a direct attack on the rights of workers, whether they are Supervisors or Non-Supervisors and it is a gross violation of Trade Union Act, ID Act etc.
Also convey the “Walk Out” decision of Federations to GMs, CPOs etc.

Yours fraternally,
General Secretary

Source: NFIR

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