BSNL Unions to submit Memorandum on the issues related to strengthening of BSNL

BSNL Unions to submit Memorandum on the issues related to strengthening of BSNL

SNEA, the Recognised Association for Executives in BSNL has Organised Protest Rally on 9th March 2017 and invited all Unions to submit the Memorandum to Department HQRS. It has Posted a Draft Memorandum to submit the Govt on the issues and Challenges  faced by the BSNL organisation and adverse impact of the Jio on Govt Organisation. To draw the attention of Central Government to settle their demands, Parliament March also being organised on 9th March 2017


Date: 09.03.2017




Sub: – Submission of Memorandum on the issues related to the strengthening of BSNL – Reg.

The Unions and Associations of Non-Executives/Executives of BSNL have given a united call to organize rallies on 9.3.2017 throughout the country in all the State/District Headquarters and submit a memorandum to the Governor/Collector/District Magistrate on the issues related to the strengthening of BSNL.

Accordingly, the Non-Executive and Executive employees of BSNL in ________________(City/District) have organised a rally today, and we are submitting this memorandum to you for favor of sending this to the concerned authorities in the Central Government.

Sir, a healthy and vibrant BSNL as a 100% Government owned undertaking is a must in the interest of the Nation as well as in the interest of Customers for preventing the private telecom operators from fleecing the telecom customers, by forming a cartel and impose monopolistic tariffs. In the present context wherein the importance of data is growing day by day and voice calls are being given almost free of cost, we submit that it is necessary for the Government to take the following policy decisions for strengthening BSNL:

1. We oppose the PMO’s letter dated 30.12.2016 to the Secretary, DoT, hinting for necessary processing of the NITI Ayog’s recommendation on disinvestment/strategic sale of BSNL. We request the Government to drop all such proposals, so that BSNL remains as a 100% Government owned PSU with pan India Presence.

2. We oppose the proposed formation of a Subsidiary Tower Company, by separating all its towers from BSNL. The Tower Company is meant for privatizing it on a later stage, and the income on leasing out the towers can be increased with due concentration by BSNL management itself. Moreover, with the formation of such a Subsidiary Tower Company, the BSNL has to pay huge rent for utilizing its own towers. It is requested to drop this proposal.

3. BSNL was allotted non-standard BWA spectrum (4G compatible spectrum) and a huge amount was collected from it for this. BSNL has surrendered this spectrum in 6 major circles and in other Circles also as already said, the available spectrum is of non-standard quality. This lack of quality 4G spectrum has become a hurdle for BSNL in going ahead in the competition with other operators having quality 4G spectrum. It is therefore requested to allot quality 4G spectrum in 700 MHz to BSNL, free of cost, being a Govt. PSU.

4. The Reliance Jio was allowed to utilize the photo of the Hon’ble Prime Minister as its brand Ambassador for its commercial advertisements. It was also unduly allowed to extend its free data and free voice plan beyond 90 days, for a total 180 days, violating the rules. The Government should see that all such undue concessions extended to the Reliance Jio are stopped immediately and the Reliance Jio be asked to pay an exemplary penalty for utilizing the photo of the Prime Minister and also to fully compensate the loss incurred by it to the exchequer as well as to the other operators for the predatory pricing, by its illegal and irregular extension of free data and free calls.

We request your kind self to bring these demands to the notice of the Government of India and help in strengthening the BSNL, in the interest of the nation.

Yours Sincerely,

Source : SNEA

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1 thought on “BSNL Unions to submit Memorandum on the issues related to strengthening of BSNL”


    Instead of begging with their demands, it would have been better for the unions to gear up themselves and their members and the officers to compete with the private service providers by working hard, sincerely and honestly to render more effective purposeful service to the telecom service user customers. The fact cannot be ignored that once the most profitable telecom units of the Department of Telecom have virtually gone bankrupt by posting huge losses after their conversion in to public sector enterprises, e.g., MTNL and the BSNL. They should go deep to review their own work patters to analyse, why people are surrendering their connection and why prefer to register with the private service providers?

    I have an example, where a telephone connection of one of their own organization’s retired employee remained out of service for all the period except remaining energized only for 3-4 days for the last three months. SO IF THEIR OWN RETIRED EMPLOYEE CAN BE MADE TO SUFFER WITHOUT SERVICE, HOW A PUBLIC MAN CAN RELY ON THEIR TELECOM SERVICES AS COMPARED TO THE PRIVATE SERVICE PROVIDERS?

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