Married Women Employees can opt their parents as her dependants for CGHS, LTC etc

Married Women Employees can show their parents as her dependants for CGHS, LTC etc


ANSWERED ON 30.03.2017

Making service rules gender neutral

3280 Shri Narayan Lal Panchariya

Will the Minister of PERSONNEL,PUBLIC GRIEVANCES AND PENSIONS be pleased to satate :-

(a) whether, a married woman employee can show her own parents as her dependents under the service rules applicable to Central Government employees;

(b) if so, under what conditions;

(c) if not, the rationale therefor;

(d) whether Government has taken any action to make the aforesaid service rules gender neutral both in letter and spirit; and

(e) if so, the details thereof and if not, the reasons therefor?


Minister of State in the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions and Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office. (DR. JITENDRA SINGH)

(a) to (e): The service rules of the Government employees have been framed keeping in view their contextual purpose and with a view to make them gender neutral.

As per Rule 50 of Central Civil Services (CCS)(Pension) Rules, 1972, father and mother of a Government employee (which includes a female Government employee) come within the definition of family. For the purpose of gratuity, there is no condition of dependency or inclusion in family.

In respect of General Provident Fund (GPF) Rule, female employees can nominate their parents for the benefits of GPF. There is no dependency criterion for nominating parents for the benefits of GPF.

Under Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) Rules, married women employees have the option either to opt their dependent parents or dependent parents-in-law for CGHS facilities.

As per All India Services (AIS) {Medical Attendance (MA) Rules}, ‘family’ definition includes the name of parents wholly dependent upon the member of service and normally residing with such member.

As per CCS {Leave Travel Concession (LTC)} Rules, ‘family’ definition includes parents or step parents wholly dependent on the Government servant irrespective of whether they are residing with the Government servant or not.

As per CCS(Conduct Rules), “Members of family” in relation to a Government servant include the wife or husband, son or daughter, parents, brothers or sisters or any person related to any of them by blood or marriage, whether they are dependent on the Government servant or not.

As per AIS (Conduct) Rules, any person related, whether by blood or marriage, to such member or to his or her wife or husband, as the case may be, and wholly dependent on such member is treated as member of family.


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4 thoughts on “Married Women Employees can opt their parents as her dependants for CGHS, LTC etc”

  1. If already declared can you please tell me where it is available. Its not mentioned while claimimg for LTC for women own parents If she alone working as a central govt employee and her husband in private sector. The rule mentioned in swami’s hand book is when both husband and wife are central govt. Employees.

  2. My wife worked as bank officer in BANK OF INDIA..HIS PARENTS ENJOY PENSION OF 30000. I AM state Govt servent. My father and mother don’t have any income…can my parents could be included as dependent member in the form of parents in law?

  3. Allowing female employee parents to medical schemes and LTC already rule exists nothing new. However income limit is there to discourage eligibility.

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