Pension Arrears Calculator as Per New Formulation 1

Pension Arrears Calculator as Per New Formulation 1

The Pension Arrears calculator is prepared for Central Government pensioners whose Pension Revised as per new formulation is beneficial than existing pension. As per the DoPPW order dated 12th may 2017, Pension can be calculated from two formulations for pre 2016 Pensioners. Now it has been decided that Pension may be revised by notionally fixing their pay in the pay matrix recommended by the 7th CPC in the level corresponding to the pay in the pay scale/pay band and grade pay at which they retired/died. If fixing the Pension by this method is beneficial than the Pension revised by Using Option II , Arrears should be paid from 1st January 2016

According to Para.No.17 of DoPPW order dated 12th May 2017, the arrears on account of revision of pension/family pension in terms of these orders would be admissible with effect from 01.01.2016.

So the Pension Arrears Calculator provided below show you the difference between the amount of Pension arrived from two Options. If New formulation (Option No.I) is beneficial than Option No.II (Fixed by Multiplying with 2.57) arrears will be paid. Otherwise there will be no need for payment of arrears.

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18 thoughts on “Pension Arrears Calculator as Per New Formulation 1”

  1. Debosree Chatterjee

    Respected Sir, myself unmarried daughter getting my late father’s pension. I am very sick no one to support me I applied for 7th CPC pre-2016 pension revision in the year 2017 my father’s office has sent all the documents as required by pcda has been sent to Pcda Allahabad but till date I have not received my Revised PPO or pension revised. I had appeal that my case may please be look into so I get my revised PPO. My PPO no.C/eng/57/2011.

  2. what is the new basic pay and grade of EXTRA ASSISTANT DIRECTOR in the pay scale of 650-1200 in 3rd pay commission while absorbed in N.T.P.C FROM C.E.A MIN. OF POWER.?

  3. Sharma Jagdishraj

    As per order of supreme court MACP has granted date of 1-1-2006 instead of 1-9-2008.As you know that Now I am retired from 30′-9-2008.I am getting benefit of MACP from Sept 08 my dept is KVS.May I get MACP benefit wet 1-1-2006.Thanking you

  4. The order for revised pension for pre- 2016 pensioners has been passed long back. However, it is seen that revised PPO has not been sent to the concerned bank branch and copy to me so far. I retired from service on 31/5/2005 from Mumbai. It is noticed that many of my colleagues have received their revised pension as per 7th pay commission order along with arrears as admissible. Necessary steps may be initiated for immediate action so as to enable me and similar other pensioners to get the benefit early.

  5. RBKV Ramanan, Advocate

    Did any one take up the issue of First option recommended by 7 CPC before CAT or High Court, since Govt. had already accepted to implement in principle?

  6. Now Concord Tables as per DoPPW letter dated 12-05 -2017 are out,hence PDAs can make payments of revised pension and arrears accordingly without any further delay.

  7. kunwar singh rawat

    Sir I got discharge in September 1975 as L/Nk in Y Group after completing 10 years of service .I was enrolled in September 1965.Later on record office addressed as Naik in all letters.H ow much arrears & pension I should get.My service no is 4046350.

  8. I retired in Sept, 2015, while my colleague retired in Oct, 2015. Both of us were drawing basic pension of Rs 40,000, but in scales mentioned in table 33 & 34. With the implementation of seventh pay commission, my pension will be 105800 and he will be drawing 112500, creating the difference of Rs 6700. Hence, it has created anomoly for me.

  9. c s parthasarathy

    KUPPUSWAMY PURANAM Sir, I agree with you. Notional fixation follows the basics of general pay fixation and hence bunching benefits, if any, should be extended to pensioners. However, ruling on this is not presently explicit, for pensioners, but may be clarified in due course. Further, keeping this aspect, the tables need either modification or a footnote, wherever stages warrant bunching benefit being extended.
    Please advise on Govt. ruling and on correction to enhanced pay fixation due to bunching.

  10. K Rajamanickam

    Fitment table published for Pension fixation of pre 2016 Pensioners are elaborate and very understandable by all. Departments should take advantage of this and arrange payment early. Detailed instructions from Finance/expenditure department also issued clear instructions based on Om dated 12.5.2017.

  11. Subramanian

    The revised pension formulation, as compared to option 1 of 7th CPC, gives only around 50 per cent of the benefit under option 1. An example is given below​.

    A person, who retired in July 1993 with a basic pay of ₹4375 in the pay scale of ₹3000-5000 would have received ₹48300 as revised pension under option 1 whereas under the revised formulation he will get only ₹38100. He will lose ₹10000 p.m! The above figures have been arrived at based on the pension calculation tables available online.

    Now the option available to him would be to take to legal recourse unless the union of employees and pensioners is able to persuade the govt to retain the option 1 also. Such pensioners are at a disadvantage as they may not survive till a judicial decision comes if they go to court.


    dear spg u retired on 30 may 2008. so u retired during 6th cpc. in your case there is only one notional pay to be taken for 7th cpc as per ccs rsevised pay rules of 2016.lets say your pay at the retirement on may 2008 in the 15600-39100 is 15600. so add grade pay to this of 6600. this brings a total of 22 200. multiply this with 2.57 which comes to 57054.
    check your level based onb the grade pay of 6600 it is level 11 in the matrix. then look ffor cell in the matrix under level 11. they are denoted as index1, 2, 3, and so on. so index 1 starts with a minimum of 67700.
    therefore ur notionnal basic is 67700 and pension is 50% of 67700.
    that is 33850 per mont wef from 1-1-2016.
    the family pension is 30% of your pay 67700 which c omes to 20310. as per normal rate.
    if these figures are more thabn option 2 then u are benefited.
    hope i clarified the issue


    dear nikhil nayak
    for arriving at notionnal pay of 1-1-2016 the ccs revised pay rules 2016 clearly states it is the sum total of pay in tjhe pay band plus appropriate grade pay to be taken for multiplying with factor 2.57.

    hence your contention that grade pay is also to be taken is correct and the pay rules also says the same
    why are you in doubt?


    yes. the govt order is clear on how to go about the notional pay calculations. Even the fixation proforma for 6th cpc clearly mentionns it is the equivalence of fitment tables to be taken and not simple 1.86 multiplication.

  15. Nikhil Nayek

    For the pensioners retired after 01.01.2006 and before 01.01.2016 are not getting the notional seniority as in calculation table it is written Basic Pay as on retirement. Here the pensioners who retired during above period the total basic pay plus grade pay should be considered during retirement because this pay bifurcation was done in 6th pay commission otherwise we would be looser. Please revise the calculation table accordingly.

  16. P.S.Nambiar

    I understand that to arrive at the notional pay as per the new orders we have to find the equivalent pay to the LPD from the figment table published in the govt orders for each CPC. For example for a person retired in 5th CPC scale he has to find notional pay from the figment table equivalent to LPD and not multiplying by 1.86 alone.

  17. please elaborate revision of pension of pensioners retired actually on 30-05-2008 with their pension fixed in pay scale 15600-39100 with grade pay of 6600 as i feel no benefit will accrue based on cabinet approval on 3-5-2017 as there is no example of people retired with this sale after 1-1-2006

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