7th CPC Notional pay and Pension Ready Reckoner for pre 2016 Pensioners

7th CPC Notional pay and Pension Ready Reckoner for pre 2016 Pensioners

7th CPC Notional pay and Pension Ready Reckoner is prepared based on the Official Fitment table issued by Government for Fifth Pay Commission and Sixth Pay Commission Pay scales for the convenience of pre-2016 Pensioners. The Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance had issued Fitment table for revision pay from Fourth to Fifth CPC pay scale and Fifth to Sixth CPC Pay scales. Based on these fitment tables, arriving Notional pay in 7th CPC is made very simple.

50 % of this 7th CPC Notional pay is Basic Pension and 30% of the Notional pay is Family pension. If the amount of Pension arrived from Notional pay is higher than existing revised Pension, it will be Fixed as 7th CPC Revised Pension

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6 thoughts on “7th CPC Notional pay and Pension Ready Reckoner for pre 2016 Pensioners”

  1. Ghulam Hasan Ghamgeen

    Pensioner union should file a case against the govt.lmmediately for higher pension.I think that the govt. should give a part of allowances to the pensioners also on priority basis.The pensioners who are living in rented houses they should also get rent allowance if not more atleast 50%.lsn’t it true and just.

  2. RBKV Ramanan, Advocate

    Both Mr Vaidyanathan and Mr S g p are correct in their views. Let me add something to buttress the case of pensioners.

    Pensioners Association should consider filing case before the CAT Principal Bench, eventually the Govt may see reasons for rejection of First Option is too hollow. What about pensioners having records of their service details? Lack of feasibility of records in their cases would be too juvenile. Employees who did not get ACP & MACP benefits were the worst hit.

    The fact of the matter is that all pensioners are in possession of Pension Payment Order (PPO) issued to every pensioner. The decision on the modified formulation may not be all that attractive as claimed to be. However, if it is considered ‘more beneficial’ to more pensioners than the first option recommended by the 7th CPC, let it be an additional option known as modified option. First option recommended by the 7th CPC should not be scarified at the behest of the modified option to leave the pensioners in lurch who possess relevant records, information etc., which is the most advantageous in their cases if they give option under first option. Therefore the claim that the first option was not found to be feasible to implement it on account of non-availability of records would pale into insignificance. Where in some cases, the First Option, if implemented would lead to anomalies, way out could be worked out to redress the grievance. Which GoI order concerning with monetary benefits is not prone to anomaly? Let there be three options viz., First Option, Second Option and Modified Option, let the pensioners wisdom prevail to choose which would be more advantageous to them. It is not good to belittle the First Option to nullity, after all the Govt. earlier has decided to accept it in principle. The pensioners who stand to benefit by First Option should not be deprived of their benefits due to modified formula of the Govt. which requires reconsideration. All Associations and Federations should take note of this.

  3. P.N.Vaidyanathan

    Mr.SGP is correct. government has cheated the pensioners by failing
    to implement the option1 (old) citing feasibility–beaurocrats were jealous of
    implementing this as they were too lazy to collect the details–all available with
    the banks or treasuries with the relevant PPO numbers
    Our serving brothers should rally behind us in this regaard

  4. Devendra Nath Bhattacharya

    Pensioner submit the application or pop sent by the cda pension allabhad

  5. unions should file a case in principle bench of cat regarding option 1 pension revision without any delay as union could not get macp benefits to cg employees retired between1-1-2006 to 30-08-2008 even though they they raised this benefit but kept quiet after the committee brought that out if the same is that is notional fixation then many serving employees will loose benefit. Therefore now in this case also i feel they will clarify they made great efforts for retired staff but they will say one common word SORRY and chapter closed .Time has come for pensioners Association to think the way we have to move in this regard.

  6. Gopal palande

    Very good, and imp.information i am getting regularly . Many thanks .

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