January 2018 DA after August AICPIN remained Stationary

January 2018 DA after August AICPIN remained Stationary

Expected hike in January 2018 DA  got some positive impact after 5 point Increase in AICPIN for July 2017. But the CPI for August 2017 remained stationary according to the press release issued by Labour Bureau yesterday. Though it remained stationary,  it is expected that the DA from January 2018 will get 3 Percent hike as still four months AICPIN has to be taken into account to calculate the rate of Dearness Allowance for January 2018 . Check and Calculate : the expected DA from Jan 2018

AICPIN for August 2017


DATED: 29th September, 2017


Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) — August, 2017

The All-India CPI-IW for August, 2017 remained stationary at 285 (two hundred and eighty five). On 1-month percentage change, it remained static between July, 2017 and August, 2017 when compared with the decrease of (-) 0.71 per cent for the corresponding months of last year.

The maximum upward pressure to the change in current index came from Miscellaneous group contributing (+) 0.37 percentage points to the total change. At item level, Rice, Coconut Oil, Pure Ghee, Onion, Brinjal, Cabbage, Poi Sag, Pumpkin, Banana, Coconut, Mango, Tea (Readymade), Snack Saltish, Bide, Cinema Charges, Petrol, Flower/Flower Garlands, etc. are responsible for the increase in index. However, this increase was checked by Wheat, Wheat Atta, Masur Dal, Fish Fresh, Poultry (Chicken), Carrot, French Beans, Green Coriander Leaves, Methi, Peas, Tomato, Torai, etc., putting downward pressure on the index.

The year-on-year inflation measured by monthly CPI-IW stood at 2.52 per cent for August, 2017 as compared to 1.79 per cent for the previous month and 5.30 per cent during the corresponding month of the previous year. Similarly, the Food inflation stood at (+) 1.61 per cent against (-) 0.32 per cent of the previous month and 6.16 per cent during the corresponding month of the previous year.

At centre level, Jalpaiguri reported the maximum increase of 11 points followed by Jalandhar and Rourkela (8 points each), Chhindwara (6 points) and Chandigarh and Vishakhapathnam (5 points each). Among others, 4 points increase was observed in 3 centres, 3 points in 7 centres, 2 points in 14 centres and 1 point in 16 centres. On the contrary, Coonoor recorded a maximum decrease of 6 points followed by Lucknow (4 points) and Mundakkayam, Chennai and Puducherry (3 points each). Among others, 2 points decrease was observed in 6 centres and 1 point in 5 centres. Rest of the 16 centres’ indices remained stationary.

The indices of 35 centres are above All-India Index and 42 centres’ indices are below national average. The indices of Vishakhapathnam centre remained at par with All-India Index.

The next issue of CPI-IW for the month of September, 2017 will be released on Tuesday, 31st October, 2017. The same will also be available on the office website www.labourbureaunew.gov.in.


Authority: www.labourbureaunew.gov.in

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  1. As per Supreme Court of India RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS Diary No(s). 23663/2017, for similarly placed govt servants need not file the cases to implement the same in their favour.
    “Once the question, in principle, has been settled, it is only
    appropriate on the part of the Government of India to issue a Circular so that it will save the time of the Court and the Administrative Departments apart from avoiding unnecessary and avoidable expenditure.
    The present situation is that the stepping up is available only to those who have approached the Court.
    But since the issue has otherwise become final, we direct the Government of India to immediately look into the matter and issue appropriate orders for granting the pay-scale so that people need not unnecessarily travel either to the Tribunal or the High Court or this Court.”
    jvsr krishna

  2. Increment:

    As per decision of the Supreme Court of India, for those Govt Servants who are completed one year service increment fell due on 1st of succeeding month and retired on 30th / 31st of the month are entitled increment, pl go thru the judgement. Hence, those due for increment approach the respective departments for granting increment. details are as follows:
    C.C.No.10842 of 2013 dated 04.07.2013 of Supreme Court of India decision:
    increment fell due on 01.04.2010 for the service rendered between 01.04.2009 and 31.03.2010, the same was declined by the impugned order dated 25.08.2014 by the second respondent. Hence, this writ petition.It is not in dispute that the petitioner served between 01.04.2009 and 31.03.2010 and hence, he sought for increment for the service rendered and the same cannot be denied. The aforesaid judgment also took the same view.
    In view of the same, the impugned order is quashed and a direction is issued to the second respondent to sanction annual increment which fell due on 01.04.2010, within a period of six weeks from the date of receipt of a copy of this order. The second respondent is directed to send revised pension proposal, pursuant to sanction of annual increment within a period of eight weeks thereafter.
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