Defence Civilian Employees issues raised in 7th CPC National Anomaly Committee Meeting

Defence Civilian Employees issues raised in 7th CPC National Anomaly Committee Meeting



Special Circular No.7

Date : 11.1.2018

It was a day of show Of the commitment, strength and sacrifice Of Defence Civilian Employees. They boycotted their food whole day and performed their National Duty to caution the Government of India that they will not tolerate the arbitrary decision taken by them against the Defence Industry and its Employees. The Food boycott was a total success in all the Defence Establishments. In many Defence Units during the Lunch Break Employees came out of their Section and stood in front of their Section with Placards , Black Badge etc. to register their Food Boycott in support of their demands. We have also come to know that in some units Trade Apprentices and contract workers have also participated in the Hunger Strike. We congratulate the Defence Employees who participated the Food Boycott and all the unions and Associations who have played their achieve role in making this agitational programme a grand success. It has further strengthened our movement to carry forward the mission to safe the Defence Industry from the clutches of the private corporate houses. We are confident that the tomorrow’s (12th January, 2018) programme Of submitting Joint Memorandum to the Defence Minister will be also Observed successfully. Copy of the Joint Memorandum may be forwarded to the Central Office Of the Federation.

Today’s Food Boycott of Defence Civilian Employees focused in the meeting of the Preliminary 7th CPC National Anomaly Committee Meeting held on under the Chairmanship Of Joint Secretary (Est.) Of DOP&T

The Preliminary Meeting of the 7th CPC National Anomaly Committee was held today ( 11.01.2018) under the Chairmanship Of Joint Secretary (Est.) Of DOP&T. The undersigned represented AIDEF in the Meeting. In the Staff Side Meeting held today I explained about agitations going on in the Defence Establishments against the Outsourcing, Privatization, Closure, Surplus, GOCO Model etc. I requested the Leader and Secretary / Staff Side / National Council (JCM) to raise the issue in their introductory remarks especially mentioning the Food Boycott by Defence Civilian Employees today. Accordingly, the Leader and Secretary / Staff Side / National Council (JCM) raised the following in the National Anomaly Committee meeting:-

Today when the National Anomaly Committee is meeting for the first time, we would like to invite the attention of the house specially the Chairman that the 4 Lakh Defence Civilian Employees working in the Ordnance Factories, DROO, DGQA, Army, Navy & Air force Units are Observing an Hunger Fast throughout the day and are performing their work. Our friends in the National Anomaly Committee Shri.C.Srikumar & Shri.R.Srinivasan representing the Defence Civilian Employees are also on Fast. They are in Fast, protesting against the policy decisions arbitrarily taken by the Govt. to outsource the Jobs being done by the Ordnance Factories to Private Sectors, to close down Army workshops, handing over Depots under the Army, thereby declaring 31000 employees surplus, In the Standing Committee meeting Of the National Council(JCM) we have demanded that recommendation of the 7th CPC for granting Uniform Allowance to the Soldiers in place of stitched uniforms, if implemented will not only result in supply of substandard uniforms, but 12,000 employees working in 5 Ordnance Factories involved in manufacturing various Troop Comfort items like uniforms, Boots, Parachutes, Blankets etc., will become Jobless. However, it is unfortunate that the Govt. has issued orders for grant of uniforms to the soldiers on 16th Nov. 2017. All these decisions are taken arbitrarily without holding any discussion with the recognised Federations in the Ministry of Defence. The direction of the Cabinet Secretary that before taking any decision on outsourcing, closure/merger of Departments, declaring manpower surplus etc., should be discussed with the staff side and their views be kept in view before Making any final decision. has been completely violated by Ministry of Defence. The three Recognised Federations have given 4 Joint representations to the Defence Ministry, that the MoD may be directed immediately to call a meeting of the three Federations to discuss the entire issues and to reach an amicable settlement. Pending the same all the above decisions may be kept in abeyance.

I also mentioned in the meeting about the situation prevailing in the Defence Industry due to the arbitrary policy decisions being taken by the Ministry Of Defence.

With Greetings,
Yours Comradely,
General Secretary

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