Promotion Policy in Armed Forces for Officers of Three Wings

Promotion Policy in Armed Forces for Officers of Three Wings

A question regarding Promotion Policy for the Officers of three wings of Armed forces was raised in Lok Sabha by Shri. Hari Om Singh Rathore, M.P. In a reply to the above question, The Minister of State in the Ministry of defence Shri. Subhash Bhamre has informed the following details..

(a) Promotion policies of Army, Navy and Air Force are structured to meet the operational and administrative requirements of the respective Services, thus some variations exist in the same.

(b) Promotion policies for select ranks for Indian Army officers are vacancy based and follow the principle of seniority and merit.

The parameters for substantive promotion in Indian Air Force (IAF)for officers other than Medical / Dental branches are stipulated in Air Force Instructions (AFI).

Promotions in Indian Navy are made based on the following broad parameters:

(i) Length of service.

(ii) Qualification in professional examination.

(iii) Mandatory Sea Time (Sea-going Branches / Cadres)

(iv) Medical standard and Vigilance clearance.

(v) Performance reflected in the Confidential Reports.

(c) Promotion policies are promulgated after due approval by the Government.

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