Night Duty Allowance Calculation

Night Duty Allowance Calculation

Night Duty Allowance is granted to Govt Employees who work in Night Shift. Calculation of Night Duty Allowance Hours is counted from the hours duty performed in Night Shift from 10.00 PM to 6.00AM.

Weightage of 10 minutes for every hour of duty performed between 22:00 Hrs and 06:00 Hrs will be taken for Night duty Allowance calculation

The hourly rate of Night Duty Allowance is calculated through this approved formula

Night Duty Allowance in 7th CPC : Read DoPT Order dated 13.7.2020

NDA hours calculation

Night Duty Hours for Duty Performed from 2200 Hrs to 0600 Hrs is 80 minutes.
For 6 Days a week 6 x 80 Minutes = 480 Minutes  = 8 Hours/ Week

The payment NDA for 8 Hours

If the basic Pay = Rs.41000
DA @ 7% = Rs. 2870

So the

Calculate Here :  7th CPC Night Duty Allowance Calculator

Hourly Rate of NDA = 41000 + 2870 / 200
= Rs. 220 / Hour
For 8 Hours = Rs. 1760

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